Hazardous Materials

Essex County holds free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days.

Specific information as to date, location, and accepted materials can be found through the County: Essex County Utilities Authority

Accepted hazardous waste items include:

  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Automotive fluids (antifreeze, motor oil, steering fluids, etc.)
  • Gasoline/Kerosene
  • Paint thinners and solvents
  • Household cleaning fluids
  • Oil based paints and stains
  • Darkroom/Photographic chemicals
  • Car batteries
  • Chemistry sets
  • Driveway sealer
  • Fire extinguishers (home)
  • Propane tanks (barbecue type)
  • Aerosol spray paints
  • Pool chemicals
  • Fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts
  • Nicad/Rechargeable Batteries
  • Mercury and products containing mercury