Grill? Dishwasher? Don’t leave it at the Curb!

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Getting rid of an old grill, dishwasher, metal frame from sports equipment, refrigerator, or air conditioner?

Don’t leave it at the curb!

These are metal items, collected by the Township Public Works Department with the monthly Metal Pickup.

You must register in advance to be put on the Metal Pickup list in order for your item to be collected.


Metal Pickup is on the last Wednesday of the month.  

The cut-off day to be put on the list for any metal pickup is 12:00 noon on the Friday before the pickup date.

To be put on the list for metal pick-up, contact us in one of these three ways:

(1) Submit a Service Request **  or

(2) E-mail **  or

(3) Call 973-992-5000 ext: #5522

Be sure to give your name, address and a brief description of the item(s) to be put on the list for pick-up.

** When you make your request in this way, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation of  your pickup.


What Qualifies for Metal Pick Up?

Refrigerators   •   Air Conditioning Units   •   Motors

Freezers   •   Washers   •   Dryers   •   Cake Mixers

Auto Parts   •   Fans   •   Irons   •   BBQ Grills

Dehumidifiers   •   Metal Sports/Exercise Equipment


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