Be Prepared: How Will Your Family Stay in Touch During an Emergency?

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Do1Thing is a resource that provides one manageable task per month to help you prepare for an emergency or disaster.


The goal for July: Create a Family Communication Plan so that you can get in touch with each other and call for help in an emergency.


Consider devices, emergency contacts, and a plan of action. Cover your bases with these three steps:

1) Have car charger for your cell phone and a phone with a cord on standby in case the power goes out.

Remember that a text message might go through when a call doesn’t.

2) Develop a plan for how your family will stay in touch in the event of an emergency.

  • Include all family members and caregivers and have work, school, and daycare phone numbers on hand. (A wallet-size form you can use to write down this information can be found here, from
  • In addition, choose someone outside of the local calling area to be your “outside the area” contact in case local circuits are overloaded.

FEMA provides Family Communication Plan templates for parents and kids. You can download them here.

3) Program In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers into all family phones.

This makes it easier for first responders to find your emergency contacts even if you can’t talk.


This post is adapted from Do1Thing. Read more about July’s task.

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The time to prepare is not after an emergency strikes.

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