Be Prepared: Know & Practice Emergency Sheltering

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Do1Thing is a resource that provides one manageable task per month to help you prepare for an emergency or disaster.

The goal for March: Know how to follow instructions for evacuation or emergency sheltering.

In a disaster, you might be asked to either evacuate or shelter in place. If you have a sheltering plan and practice with your family, you’ll be more comfortable following instructions if there is an emergency.

Here are some ways that Do1Thing recommends preparing:

  • Identify the best storm shelter in your home and practice getting there.
    • Avoid windows and large ceiling expanses, and make sure it’s a large enough area. Read more.
  • Learn how to safely shelter in place, in the event that it is dangerous to go outside.
    • Make sure you’ll get alerts and information, and follow instructions carefully. Stay away from doors and windows. Read more.
  • Make a go-bag to take with you to an emergency shelter.
    • Include a pillow and blanket, medications, ID, and a change of clothes. Read more.

More emergency sheltering tips: NJ Office of Emergency Management


This post is adapted from Do1Thing. Read about March’s task here.

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The time to prepare is not after an emergency strikes.

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