Prepare for Emergencies: Steps After Calling 911

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Do1Thing is a resource that provides one manageable task per month to help you prepare for an emergency or disaster.

The goal for December: Be prepared to respond in an emergency by calling 911 and/or giving first aid. Actions in the first few minutes after an injury or medical emergency could save a life!

Call 911 — and then what?

  • Stay on the line and follow emergency instructions.
  • Stay calm and try to keep the patient calm.
  • Don’t move a patient who is injured or was found unconscious.
  • If the patient is cold, cover him or her with a blanket.
  • Don’t give an injured person anything to eat or drink (unless instructed by the 911 dispatcher).
  • Have someone watch for the ambulance and show the crew how to get to the patient.
  • Read more here.

Buy a first aid kit, or make your own.

Find a list of essential items here.

Get trained in first aid, CPR, AED, and/or pet first aid. 


This post is adapted from Do1Thing. Read about December’s task here.

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The time to prepare is not after an emergency strikes.

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