Be Prepared: Store Food for an Emergency

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Do1Thing is a resource that provides one manageable task per month to help you prepare for an emergency or disaster.

The goal for April: Prepare an emergency food supply — enough for 3 days.

Buy food ahead of time, and replace it right away when it runs out or expires. Store food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated in a large duffel bag or in a plastic tub with a lid.

What food items should you include in your emergency supply? Do1Thing recommends following the BUS guidelines:

1. Balance: Make sure your supply includes a variety of foods from each of the basic food groups. Also include non-perishable high-energy foods and comfort foods. If anyone in your family has special dietary needs, take those into account.

2. Usability: Choose items that don’t need to be cooled or heated and that don’t require a lot of water. Examples include canned or dried meat, dry cereal, and canned vegetables. Make sure you have a manual can opener if you plan to use canned goods.

3. Shelf Life: Look at the expiration date listed on the food item. Use and replace foods before the expiration date.

Also, keep a thermometer in your refrigerator, and know when food would become unsafe to eat. If the temperature remains above 41 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 4 hours, perishable foods might be unsafe to eat. Learn more about keeping refrigerated food safe.


This post is adapted from Do1Thing. Read about April’s task here.

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The time to prepare is not after an emergency strikes.

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