Frequently Asked Questions

…about Permits and Inspections

Below are answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) by Livingston residents and builders. These provide some quick answers to help streamline the building permit process.

1. How do I find out the status of my permit application?

When your permit application is reviewed, you will be contacted immediately.  We work to process all permit applications as promptly as possibly.  If you have not been contacted, your permit application is still in the review process.

2. How do I schedule an inspection?

You can schedule an inspection by calling 973-535-7953 or by stopping by the Livingston Building Office at 357 So. Livingston Ave., 2nd floor.  You must have a valid permit number in order to schedule all inspections.

3. When do I need an inspection?

There are a variety of times at which you’ll need an inspection.  For a complete list, see our Required Inspection Checklist.

4. Is a C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) required for the sale of my home?

No. You will need a smoke detector certification, which you can obtain by calling the Livingston Firehouse at 973-992-2373.  However, we recommend that you call our office to determine if there are any open permits on your property, which could slow the process of selling your home.

5. Do I need a permit to replace my kitchen cabinets?

No, not for the cabinets.  However, if new electric, plumbing, or any structural changes are being done, a permit is required.

6. Do I need a permit to replace my bathroom fixtures?

Sink – No; Toilet – No; Tub –No as long as they are direct replacement with no change in location.  Otherwise, a permit is required.

7. Do I need a permit to replace or install a shed?

Maybe.  Any shed over 100 square feet needs a permit and zoning approval.  Anything 100 square feet or less requires only zoning approval.

8. Is a permit required to replace or install a fence?

Yes.  A building permit is required for any fence going around a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub. The fence must comply with Appendix G of the 2006 International Residential Code NJ edition.  You can pick up a permit package from the Building Department or online.

A zoning permit is required for any fence on your property other then the fences listed above. You must comply with Fence Ordinance and file for a Residential Zoning Permit. For more information, please contact Tom Potere in the Zoning Department at 973-992-1595.