Cold Weather Tips

The Livingston Police Department, Fire Department, and Department of Public Works remind residents to take the following safety measures during the winter months:

Clear Hydrant

1.  Make sure fire hydrants near your house are clear of snow. 

Seconds count in an emergency — firefighters need to be able to reach hydrants quickly.

Did you know you can Adopt a Hydrant to help keep your street safer for your family and neighbors? Learn more.

Snow Blowing

2.  Clear your sidewalk within 24 hours after snow stops falling.

3.  Do not blow or shovel snow into the street.

This includes plowing snow across a street onto a neighboring property. Doing so creates additional safety and plowing hazards.

Remember, YOU are responsible for your snow-removal contractor; be sure your contractor does not put your snow out into the street.

4.  Keep parked cars off of streets when it snows.

5.  Stay off of roads during a snowstorm. After the storm, be sure to clean the snow off of your vehicle before driving.

Remember that icy conditions might persist on some roads, particularly after dark. Always travel with care.

Liv Ave snow plow

6.  Please be patient: 

All municipal roads will be salted and cleared throughout the storm,

and road clearing will continue well after the snow ends.





More Winter Safety Tips:

  • Check on seniors or other neighbors who might need help in the snow and cold.
  • Keep pets inside during frigid temperatures. Remember: If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them.
  • Take steps to protect your home from the cold: Tips from National Weather Service
  • Be prepared for snowstorms: Tips from