Be Prepared: Get Involved & Trained to Help Neighbors in an Emergency

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Do1Thing is a resource that provides one manageable task per month to help you prepare for an emergency or disaster.

The goal for August: Get trained and get involved! Here are some ways to help make your neighborhood more prepared:

1) Connect with an isolated individual in your neighborhood, or start a neighborhood organization.

Isolated individuals–such as neighbors who are elderly, have disabilities, don’t speak English well, are new to the area, or have unusual work hours–are more vulnerable during and after a disaster. They are less likely to ask for help or follow emergency instructions.

Want to help make sure others are prepared for emergencies? Do1Thing suggests the following: Take time to meet neighbors who might be isolated, help them make a plan for emergencies, and include checking on them in your plan. Read more.

2) Promote emergency preparedness in your community: Almost any organization you already belong to can become a partner in emergency preparedness. Ideas here.

3) Become a volunteer and get trained before disaster strikes to help out in an emergency.

View’s list of volunteer opportunities.



This post is adapted from Do1Thing. Read more about August’s task.

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The time to prepare is not after an emergency strikes.

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