* DPW Picking Up Brush & Limbs <18" Diameter; Deadline is 4/6 *

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2018 Storms DPW Debris Removal - March 2018

Livingston’s Department of Public Works Employees are continuing
post-storm cleanup.

From now through April 6th,

the Livingston DPW will collect any brush or limbs

that are less than 18” in diameter

and placed at the curb.

Property owners must arrange privately for
the removal and disposal of larger limbs and trees
(greater than 18” in diameter)
that have fallen on their property.


Generally, the Township is responsible for the removal of trees and limbs that came down within the public right of way, and Township crews continue to work diligently to remove trees, limbs, and debris from all roadways.

Similarly, property owners are responsible for trees and limbs that have fallen on their private property.  Limbs and brush smaller than 4” in diameter, cut in lengths no longer than 4 feet, and placed in garbage cans or tied in bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds can be placed curbside for collection by the Township’s private garbage collection company, Waste Industries, LLC.

 The Township appreciates the patience and cooperation of our residents as we continue to work on townwide cleanup in the aftermath of these storms.

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