Tax Collector’s Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my tax bill?
Taxes are billed once a year with four quarterly stubs containing the amounts due and the due dates. This generally occurs at the end of June or July. Unless extended by action of the Township Council, taxes are due on the first day of February, May, August and November.

What if I did not receive my tax bill and don’t know the amount or when they are due?
According to the NJ State Statute 54:4-64, non-receipt of a tax bill does not release you from payment. If you do not receive a bill please call 973-992-5000 ext 5121,5122,5123 or 5124 and you will be provided with the amount or a duplicate tax bill.

I am delinquent on my taxes. What is the minimum amount I must pay?
The minimum amount you have to pay is all interest accumulated to date and the quarterly payment that is past due.

Can the interest be waived?
No. New Jersey statutes do not permit the waiver or cancellation of any interest charges.

Can I make partial payments?
No. New Jersey statutes specify that taxes are due on the first day in which they are assessed. In other words, taxes are due the first of the year. State law already provides for partial payments by apportioning the the annual tax bill into four quarterly payments.

I am selling my property, what portion of the taxes am I responsible for?
Your closing attorney is responsible for appropriating the proper payments of your tax bill. The current tax bill should be given to the new owner or his paying agent upon sale of the property.

I have paid off my mortgage and I am now responsible to pay my tax bill. What should I do?
Please notify the Tax Collector’s office in writing to ensure that future tax bills are sent directly to you. Or you may download the form for Change of Mortgage Status and mail it to us. Please use your advice copy tax bill to make payments until new bills are issued.

Can I have my tax bills mailed to a different address?
Yes. Please notify the Tax Collector’s office in writing. Or download the form for Change of Mailing Address and mail it to us.

Do you accept a postmark as proof of payment?
No, we do not. All payments are posted on the same date they are received in the Tax Collector’s office.

Can I postdate my check?
No. We do not accept postdated checks. All payments are posted on the date they are received.