2008 Ordinances

Index 08

Ord. 1-2008 Amending Chapter 170 of the Code of Livingston

Ord. 2-2008 Amending and Supplementing Chapter 170 for the Code by Adding SectionSpecial Meeting Fee to Article VII

Ord. 3-2008 Amending and Supplementing Chapter68 by adding a new article V Restricting the Feeding of Deer

Ord. 4-2008 Special Emergency Appropriation of $800,000.00 for Preparation and Execution of Revaluation of Real Property for Tax Assessor Use

Ord. 5-2008 Bond Ordinance–$110,000–Improvements to Municipal Swimming Pool

Ord. 6-2008 Adding a New Section “Livingston Center Deviation Application Fee”

Ord. 7-2008 Bond Ord.  Providing an Appropriation of $262,500 Improvements to Bus. Imp. Zone

Ord. 8-2008 Amending and Supplementing Article IV Chapter 35 of Code for Fees for Police Services

Ord. 9-2008 Adding New Section Diviation from or Interpretation of Provisions of the Center Redevelopment Plan Adding Filing and Review Fees

Ord. 10-2008Replace Salary Ord. 23-2007 with Fixes Compensation of Certain Officer and Employees on and after January 1, 2008

Ord. 11-2008

Ord. 12-2008

Ord. 13-2008

Ord. 14-2008

Ord. 15-2008

Ord. 16-2008

Ord. 17-2008

Ord. 18-2008

Ord. 19-2008

Ord. 20-2008 Amending Chapter 170-96-A Amending Private Tennis Courts and Adding new Section Sports Courts

Ord. 21-2008

Ord. 22-2008

Ord. 23-2008

Ord. 24-2008

Ord. 25-2008

Ord. 26-2008

Ord. 27-2008

Ord. 28-2008

Ord. 29-2008

Ord. 30-2008 Amending Salary Ord

Ord. 31-2008

Ord. 32-2008

Ord. 33-2008 Amending Chapter 170 By Defining and Prohibiting Certain Types of Signs

Ord. 34-2008

Ord. 35-2008 Amenidng Chapter 170 Article IX Subdivision and Site Plan Review by Adding New Section Lot Surface Drainage

Ord. 36-2008 Amending Chapter 29 Article 13 of General Code to Amend Parking Restriction on a Portion of Coddington Terrace

Ord. 37-2008 Amending Salary Ordinance 10-2008 which Replaces Ord 27-2007 Fixes Compensation of Office and Employees of Township

Ord. 38-2008 Amending Chapter 170 of Township to Increse Fees for the Registration of Residence Based Businesses

Ord. 40-2008 Replacing Language of Chapter 232 Recycling of the Code of the Township

Ord. 40-2008

Ord. 42-2008 Amending Chapter 170 Article XI General Zonig Rrequirements

Ord. 43-2008 Amending Chapter 170 of Township Code Regarding Drive Thru or Drive Up Facilities

Ord. 44-2008 Amend Code of Township to Create Chapter 41 Insurance Fund to Estavlish ans Insurance Fund Commission in Township

Ord. 46-2008 Amending and Supplementing Chpter 227 of Township Code Property Maintenance