2012 Resolutions


R-12-1   Authorizing Consent Agenda
R-12-2  Appointment of Municipal Court Judge
R-12-3  Appointment of Assistant Township Attorney (Prosecutor)
R-12-4  Appointment of  Municipal Public Defenders
R-12-5  Appointments to Assistant Municipal Prosecutors & Municipal Public Defenders
R-12-6  Appointments to Planning Board
R-12-7  Appointments to Zoning Board of Adjustment
R-12-8  Appointments to Open space Trust Fund Committee
R-12-9  Appointments to Livingston Community Partnership Management Corporation (BID)
R-12-10 Appointments to Township Appearance Committee
R-12-11 Appointments to Arts Council of Livingston
R-12-12 Appointments to Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee
R-12-13 Appointments to Consumer Affairs Committee
R-12-14 Appointments to Ad Hoc Deer Management Committee
R-12-15 Appointments to Advisory Committee for Disabilities
R-12-16 Appointments to Committee for Diversity
R-12-17 Appointments to Friends of the Livingston Dog Park
R-12-18 Appointments to the Emergency Planning Council
R-12-19 Appointments to Fourth of July Celebration Committee
R-12-20 Appointments to Township Golf Tournament Committee
R-12-21 Appointments to the Green Team formerly known as Living Green Team
R-12-22 Appointments to Advisory Health Committee
R-12-23 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Holiday Decorations
R-12-24 Appointments to Technology Committee
R-12-25  Appointments to Littell’s Pond Skating Committee
R-12-26 Appointments to Livingston Municipal Alliance Committee (LMAC)
R-12-27 Appointments to Livingston Public Broadcasting Executive Board (LPBEB)
R-12-28 Appointments to Livingston Public Broadcasting Committee
R-12-29 Appointments to Parade Day Committee
R-12-30 Appointments to Ad Hoc Committee for Improvement of Playing Fields
R-12-31 Appointments to the Orchard Hill Development Committee
R-12-32 Appointments to the Prospect Park Committee
R-12-33 Appointments to Recycling & Reclamation Committee
R-12-34 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Senior Citizens
R-12-35 Appointments to Committee on Senior, Youth & Leisure Services
R-12-36 Appointments to Ad Hoc Skate Park Committee
R-12-37 Appointments to Sports Council
R-12-38 Appointments to Trails & Greenways Committee
R-12-39 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Transportation
R-12-40 Appointments to Vision 20/20 Committee
R-12-41 Appointments to Camuso Collection Preservation Committee
R-12-42 Appointments to Livingston Bicentennial Steering and Sub-committees
R-12-43 Appointments to Livingston Community Outreach Committee
R-12-44 Designation Official Newspapers
R-12-45 Authorizing 2012 Temporary Budget Appropriations
R-12-46 Cash Management Plan
R-12-47 Authorizing Interest to be Charged on Delinquent Taxes
R-12-48 Establishing Interest Penalties
R-12-49 Adoption of 2012 Calendar of Township Council Meetings
R-12-50 Authorizing Award of Contract for Township Auditor to Samuel Klein and Company
R-12-51 Authorizing the Award of Contract for Bond Counsel to Gibbons P.C.
R-12-52 Authorizing the Award of a Contract for COAH Counsel to McCarter & English, LLP
R-12-53 Authorizing the Award of the Contract for Planning Services to H2M Associates, Inc.
R-12-54 Authorizing the Award of Contract for Special Litigation Counsel to Hedinger & Lawless, LLC
R-12-55 Authorizing the Award of Contract for Township Attorney to Murphy McKeon, PD
R-12-56 Consent Agenda
R-12-57 Award of Contract-Professional Consulting, Inc.-Engineering Svcs-NTE $17,750
R-12-58 Appointment of Public Agency Compliance Officer
R-12-59 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-60 Authorizing Purchases Under State of NJ Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-61 Authorizing Purchases Under Union County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-62 Authorizing Purchases Under Essex County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-63 Authorizing Purchases Under Somerset County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-64 Award of Contract for Labor Counsel- Genova, Burns & Giantomasi- NTE $85,000
R-12-65 Consent Agenda 012312
R-12-66 Resolution to Cancel 2011 Budget Appropriations
R-12-67 Resolution Increasing Reserve for Self-Insurance
R-12-68 Resolution to Transfer 2011 Appropriation Reserves
R-12-69 Resolution Increasing Reserve for Accumulated Absences
R-12-70 Consent Agenda 021312
R-12-71 Authorizing Contract with Crimson Fire, Inc for the Purchase of One (1) 1500 GPM Pumper
R-12-72 Authorizing Contract MBE Mark III Electric Construction Mountain Ridge Dr Booster Station
R-12-73 Authorizing Approval Change Order 1 & Final Jenicar Builders Contr. Milling & Repaving Hillside
Sec 6
R-12-74 Approving 2012 Swimming Pool Fees
R-12-75 Authorizing Interlocal Services Agreement with Township of Berkeley Heights
R-12-76 Authorizing Interlocal Services Agreement with Township of Springfield
R-12-77 Authorizing Interlocal Services Agreement with the Borough of Madison
R-12-78 Authorizing Application for Refunding Bond Ordinance to be filed with Local Finance Board
R-12-79 Enter into an Agreement with New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC (AT&T)
R-12-80 Enter into an Agreement with Metro PCS New York, LLC
R-12-81 Enter into an Agreement with T-Mobile Northeast, LLC
R-12-82 Enter into an Agreement with Sprint Spectrum, PC
R-12-83 Accepting, Approving and/or Adopting Consent Agenda of March 5, 2012
R-12-84 Authorizing Approval of Change Order 1 with Concrete Construction Corp for Phase IV-B Downtown Streetscape Improvements
R-12-85 Supporting “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”
R-12-86 2012 Temporary Capital Budget
R-12-87 Authorizing and Adopting Post Issuance Compliance
R-12-88 Authorizing Purchases Under the State of New Jersey Coop Purchasing Program
R-12-89 Approving Fees for Certain Recreation Programs–Field Usage Fees
R-12-90 Authorizing Sale of Surplus Property
R-12-91 Contract with Skylands Fire Equipment and Training, LLC (SAFE-T)
R-12-92 Authorizing Contract with New Jersey Fire Equipment Company
R-12-93 Agreement with USGovBm I Auction Liquidation Services
R-12-94 Authorizing Contract with Spectraserv
R-12-95 Authorizing Contract with S. Rotondi & Sons
R-12-96 Authorizing the Award of Contract to Appraisal Systems
R-12-97 Consent Agenda
R-12-98 Award of Contract for Fire Hydrant Parts-Capital Supply
R-12-99 Award of Contract for Fire Hydrant Parts—Water Works Supply Co.
R-12-100 Award of Contract—Two Inch Milling & Paving—Ischia Corp-NTE $339,326.00
R-12-101 Authorizing Contract with Community Grants, Planning and Housing (CPGH) Affordable Housing
R-12-102 Cancel General capital Fund Grant Receivable
R-12-103 Authorizing Calculation of the Reserve for Uncollected Taxes
R-12-104 Establishing the 2012 Open Space Tax Rate
R-12-105 Introduction of 2012 Municipal Budget
R-12-106 2012 Temporary Capital Budget
R-12-107 Authorizing Interlocal Services Agreement with Board of Education
R-12-108 Contract with Community Grants, Planning and Housing (CGPH)
R-12-109 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriation
R-12-110 Consent Agenda 041612
R-12-111 Authorizing 2011 Municipal Recycling Tonnage Grant Application   
R-12-112 Appointment to Planning Board
R-12-113 Approval Change Order 2 JAK Construct. T/A Diamond Construction $34,243.94 Handicapped Sidewalk
R-12-114 Authorizing Contract with S. Brothers General Contractors  
R-12-115 Auth. Application for ANJEC Sustainable Land Use Planning Grant
R-12-116 Deleted
R-12-117 Calling for Extension for Affordable Housing Trust Funds to be Committed
R-12-118 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriation
R-12-119 Resolution to Read Budget by Title
R-12-119A  Amending 2012 Municipal Budget as Introduced

R-12-120 Adoption of 2012 Municipal Budget
R-12-121 Consent Agenda 050712
R-12-122 Authorizing Contract with A.J.S. Associates, Inc.
R-12-123 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus Property
R-12-124 Authorizing a Contract with EMSA Solar, LLC
R-12-125 Authorizing the Award of Contract to Hatch Mott MacDonald, LLC

R-12-126 Appointing Representatives- Essex County Development Committee

R-12-127 Refundng Resolution (1)

R-12-128 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriationsf Surplus Vehicles

R-12-128 Attachment

R-12-129 Requesting Approval of Director of DLGS to Establish a Dedicated Trust by Rider Diversity Committee
R-12-130 Consent Agenda 060412

R-12-131 Filing of 2013 NJDCA Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilitires App Grant (ROID)
R-12-132 Authorizing One year Extension of Existing Contract Georges S. Coyne Chemical Company
R-12-133 Appointment to Zoning Board of Adjustment
R-12-134 Authorizing a Contract with Micro Pave Systems Inc. Inc.
R-12-135 Authorizing a Contract with Asphalt Paving Systems
R-12-136 Authorizing Approval of Change Order #One with Skylands Area Fire Equipment and Training
R-12-137 Authorizing a Five Year Contract with Giordano Company
R-12-138 Authorizing the Award of a Contract to Community Grants, Planning & Housing
R-12-139 Approving Revised Spending Plan for Affordable Housing Trust Fund
R-12-140 Authorizing and Emergency Contract with Don Luby Roofing & Contracting Inc.
R-12-141 Consent Agenda 062512
R-12-142 Authorizing the Township Tax Collector to Prepare and Mail Estimated Tax Bills
R-12-143 Resolution to Cancel Outstanding Checks
R-12-144 Amend Adopted 2012 Budget to Include Special Items of Revenue and Appropriation at Time Adoption
R-12-145 Issuance Certificate of Completion Blck 1501.11, Lots 1,2,3 &4 Livingston Center Redevelopment Area
R-12-146 Annual Renewal of ABC Licenses
R-12-147 Establishing Change Funds for Senior, Youth & Leisure Services
R-12-148 Authorizing Contract with Citibank
R-12-149 Adopting Rehabilitation Program and Affordability Assistance Program
R-12-150 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus Property
R-12-151 Authorizing and Open-Ended Contract with Central Poly Corporation
R-12-152 Authorizing the Award of a Contract to Matrix New World
R-12-153 Authorizing Approval of Change Order Number One with Foveonics Imaging Technologies
R-12-154 Authorizing Approval of Change Order Number One with H2M Associates
R-12-155 Authorizing the Award of Contract to Hatch Mott MacDonald
R-12-156 Authorizing Purchases Under the State of New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-157 Authorizing and Open-Ended Contract with Interline Brands D/B/A AmSam
R-12-158 Authorizing and Open-Ended Contract with Mooney General Paper Company
R-12-159 Authorizing and Open-Ended Contract with Spruce Industries
R-12-160 Authorizing Contract with Foveonics Imaging Technologies
R-12-161 Township Approving Affordable Housing Agreement with Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey (CPNJ)
R-12-162 Township Approving Affordable Housing Agreement with ARC of Essex County
R-12-163 Township Approving Affordable Housing Agreement with Cedar Street Commons
R-12-164 Agreement Between Township and BOE for Lease Portion of Monmouth Court Community Center
R-12-165 Agreement Between Township and BOE for Capital Improvements Monmouth Court Community Cntr
R-12-166 Authorizing Award of a Contract to Di Cara/Rubino Architects
R-12-167 Authorizing Award of a Contract to Turner Construction Company
R-12-168 Consent Agenda 070212
R-12-169 Authorizing Contract with S. Brothers General Contractors Various Roadways NTE
R-12-170 Calling for Action to Help Stop Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in China
R-12-171 Place to Place Transfer of ABC License Circle 10 Rest. DBA Margarita’s
R-12-172 Consent Agenda 80612
R-12-173 Support from TOL Authorizing 2012 Sustainable Jersey Grant funded by PSE&G
R-12-174 Approving 2012 Program Fees SYLS
R-12-175 Enter into Agreement with T-Mobile Northeast
R-12-176 Authorizing a Contract with Tormee Construction, Inc
R-12-177 Authorizing a Contract with M Sky Construction Corporation
R-12-178 Authorizing a Contract with All J’s Mechanical
R-12-179 Authorizing Award of a Contract with ThorGuard
R-12-180 Authorizing Purchases Under the State NJ Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-181 Enter into a Temporary Access Road Agreement with PSE&G
R-12-182 Consent Agenda 092412
R-12-183 Certification of 2011 Audit Report
R-12-184 Approving Corrective Action Plan for 2011
R-12-185 Engineers Recommendation for Speed Humps on Hillside Ave
R-12-186 Crosswalk Maintenance Agreement for Crosswalks along S. Livingston Ave
R-12-187 Authorizing License Agreement with West Mount Pleasant Associates for Lease Township Property
R-12-188 Enter Agreement PSE&G to use PSE&G Right of Way for Leaf Composting
R-12-189 Authorizing application for 2013 Funding Livingston Municipal Alliance
R-12-190 Appointment to Planning Board.pdf
R-12-191 Consent Agenda 092412
R-12-192 Authorizing Contract with Hudson County Motors
R-12-193 Grant App & Agreement New Jersey Department of Transportation (Memorialized)
R-12-194 Professional Engineering Services for Asbestos Abatement Monitoring for Monmouth Court
R-12-195 Authorizing Purchases Under State of NJ Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-196 Authorizing One Year Extension of Existing Contract with Garden State Laboratories
R-12-197 Rejection of 2 Inch Mill and Pave Hillside Ave section 7 and Reconstruction of Kredel Ave
R-12-198 Authorizing Lease Agreement with T-Mobile Northeast
R-12-199 Authorizing Lease Agreement with Sprint Spectrum
R-12-200 Authorizing Contract with State Shuttle
R-12-201 Establishing Technical Review Fees
R-12-202 Authorizing a Contract with Paul Otto Building Company
R-12-203 Consent Agenda 101512
R-12-204 Requesting Approval DLGS to Establish Dedicated Trust by Rider for Bicentennial Committee Donation
R-12-205 Authorizing a Contract with T & M Associates
R-12-206 Authorizing a One Year Extension of Existing Contract with Atlantic Coast Fibers
R-12-207 Deleted
R-12-208 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-209 Authorizing Purchases Under Union County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-210 Authorizing an Emergency Contract with Jesco, Inc.
R-12-211 Agreement with EOWC for Access to East Orange Water Reserve for Deer Management
R-12-212 Consent Agenda 110512
R-12-213 Settlement Agreement with Integrated Construction Suit
R-12-214 Right of Way Agreement with Fibertech, Crossriver fiber and United Federal Maintenance Telecommun.
R-12-215 Bill to Amend the Definition of Hazardous Substances within the Spill Compensation and Control Act
R-12-216 Chng Ordr1 Final Pymnt 2010 Road Reconstrct & Assoc Drainage Improvement South Section (Adjourned)
R-12-217 Designating January 11 as “Human Trafficking Awareness Day”
R-12-218 Authorizing Purchases under Essex County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-219 Consent Agenda 112612
R-12-220 Approving Library Litigation Settlement (signed copy to come)
R-12-221 Change order 1 S. Brothers Contractors 2010 Road Reconstruction and Drainage South Section

R-12-222 Appointments to Bi-Partisan Advisory Committee Appointments
R-12-223 Appointing a Qualified Purchasing Agent
R-12-224 2012 Municipal Budget to include Special Items of Revenue not determined at adoption
R-12-225 Transfer 2012 Budget Appropriations
R-12-226 Authorizing Use of Snow Removal Reserves for Hurricane Sandy Expenditures
R-12-227 Authorizing Emergency Contract with J.H. Reid On-Site Recycling
R-12-228 Authorizing Purchases Under New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-12-228 State Contract Vendors List

R-12-229 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris county Cooperative Purchasing Program

R-12-229 Morris County Coop Vendor List

R-12-230 Consenting to Transfer of Real Property in Livingston Center Redevelopment Area
R-12-231 Consent Agenda
R-12-232 Supporting NJDOT Installing Pedestrian Countdown signals at intersection along Route 10
R-12-233 Resolution to Cancel Grant Receivables and Reserves
R-12-234 Resolution to Cancel Outstanding Checks
R-12-235 Resolution to Cancel Outstanding Maintenance and Performance Guarantee Deposits
R-12-236 Resolution Increasing Deferred Local School District Tax
R-12-237 Resolution to Cancel Improvement Authorization of the General Capital Fund
R-12-238 Resolution to Transfer 2012 Budget Appropriations
R-12-239 Authorizing Approval of Change Order Number One with Genova, Burns & Giantomasi

R-12-240 Garden State JIF Joint Trust Agreement and Resolution to Rejoin
R-12-241 Combining Bonds Aggregating the Principal Sum of $9,170,000
-12-242 Authorizing the Cancellation of Outstanding Taxes 236 HIllside Ave
R-12-243 Resolution to Cancel 2012 Budget Appropriations
R-12-244 Resolution Increasing Reserve for Accumulated Absences
R-12-245 Resolution Increasing Reserve for Snow Removal
R-12-246 Authorizing Filing of 2013 Essex Cnty Div Housing & Community Dev. Block grant (CDBD) app