Dog & Dog Park Licenses
are handled through the HEALTH DEPARTMENT at 204 Hillside Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039

Licenses for Raffles     –    License Record Check Form 
Any nonprofit organization may apply for a raffle license for any event that is being held in the Township of Livingston. The applicant must have a current bi-annual registration ID from the State in order to apply for a license.  Click here for the raffle application packet.
A  License Record Check Form must be completed by the applicant’s local (hometown) police department. Click Here for License Record Check Form.

Liquor Licenses
All liquor licenses are currently accounted for. Licenses must be renewed yearly by the license holder. The term is from 7/1 – 6/30. We also have other types of liquor licenses available from the State. For information about liquor licenses, please call Town Hall at 973-992-5000 ext: #5404 and speak with Grace Russo.

Peddlers, Distributors and Canvassers’ License
Peddlers, distributors, canvassers, and anyone going door-to-door within Livingston must all have licenses from the Township (see Application for Peddling License). Please plan ahead, as paperwork needed from the State of New Jersey can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

Anyone applying for this license must be fingerprinted. The Police Department provides fingerprinting services for federal purposes. State fingerprinting is now performed by Sagem Morpho, a New Jersey State Police vendor. Click on the link to access online fingerprinting form. The required paperwork is also available at the Livingston Police Department Records Division. For more information, contact 973-992-3000 extension #3400. The fingerprint results take approximately 6 weeks to return from the State.

Applicants are not to peddle, distribute, canvass, or go door-to-door until they actually have their license from the Clerk’s office in-hand. If they do, they will be issued a summons by the Police and will be charged a fine. There is a fee for each type of license, which varies.

Pertinent ordinances, including fees and what is and is not permitted, may be found at  For more information, call 973-992-5000 ext: #5400.

Taxi/Limousine Service
See Peddlers, above. Applicants must be fingerprinted and licensed through the Township; please call for a fingerprinting appointment. Applicants must also file their Certificate of Liability Insurance, which will be kept on file in the Town Clerk’s office.  Also, see Taxi & Limousine Code.