2009 Town Council Resolutions


R-09-1 Authorizing Consent Agenda
R-09-2 Appointment of Municipal Judge
R-09-03 Appointment of Assistant Township Attorney
R-09-04 Appointment of Municipal Public Defender
R-09-05 Appointment of Assistant Municipal Prosecutor & Municipal Public Defender
R-09-06 Appointments to Planning Board
R-09-07 Appointments to Zoning Board of Adjustment
R-09-08 Appointments to Committee for an Open Space Trust Fund
R-09-09 Appointments to Livingston Community Partnership Management Corp (BID)
R-09-10 Appointments to Township Appearance Committee
R-09-11 Appointments to Arts Council of Livingston
R-09-12 Appointments to Blue Ribbon Revaluation Committee
R-09-13 Appointments to Consumer Affairs Committee
R-09-14 Appointments to Ad Hoc Committee for Deer Management
R-09-15 Creating & Appointments of the Living Green Team
R-09-16 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Disabilities
R-09-17 Appointments to Committee for Diversity
R-09-18 Appointments to Friends of the Livingston Dog Parks Committee
R-09-17 Appointments to Emergency Planning Committee
R-09-20 Appointments to Fourth of July Committee
R-09-21 Appointments to Township Golf Committee
R-09-22 Appointments to Advisory Health Committee
R-09-23 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Holiday Decorations
R-09-24 Appointments to LMAC
R-09-25 Appointments to Livingston Public Broadcasting Committee
R-09-26 Appointments to the Livingston Recycling & Reclamation Committee
R-09-27 Appointments to LYCS
R-09-28 Appointments to Parade Day Committee
R-09-29 Appointments to Ad Hoc Committee for Improvement of Playing Fields
R-09-30 Appointments Prospect Park Committee
R-09-31 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Recreation & Parks
R-09-32 Appointments to Committee on Senior Citizens
R-09-33 Appointments to Ad Hoc Skate Park Committee
R-09-34 Appointments of Members to Sports Council
R-09-35 Appointments to Technology Committee
R-09-36 Appointments of the Trails & Greenways Committee
R-09-37 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Transportation
R-09-38 Appointments to the Vision 20/20 Committee
R-09-39 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Youth Appreciation Week
R-09-40 Appointments to Committee on Youth-High School
R-09-41 Designation of Township Depositories
R-09-42 Designation Official Newspapers
R-09-43 2008 Temporary Appropriations
R-09-44 Cash Management Plan
R-09-45 Authorizing Interest to be charged on Delinquent Taxes
R-09-46 Establishing Interest Penalties
R-09-47 BID Budget 2009 – Attachment 
R-09-48 Auth. Purchases Under the State of New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-09-49 Appointment of Public Agency Compliance Officer
R-09-51 Authorizing Purchases Under Somerset County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-09-52 Consent Agenda January 5, 2009
R-09-53 Authorizing Execution of a Right of Way Agreement with Above net Communication
R-09-54 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-09-55 Amendment R-151-2008
R-09-56 Authorizing Purchases Under Essex County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-09-57 Authorizing Purchases Under Union County Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-09-58 Award of Contract Landscape Architectural Services
R-09-59 Auth. Use of the Competitive Contracting Process for Municipal Pool Refectories
R-09-60 Award of Contract for Township Auditor-NTE $89,500.00-Samuel Klein & Co. (C.M. No. 9)
R-09-61 Designation of Bus Stops – Peach Tree Hill Rd. & Beacon Hill Rd
R-09-62 Authorizing Interlocal Services Agreement w/the Township of Millburn
R-09-63 Award-Non Fair & Open-Township Planner-Talley Planning Associates, LLC-$60,000
R-09-64 Award-Non Fair & Open-Township Attorney-Scarinci & Hollenbeck, LLC-$310,000
R-09-65 Award-Non Fair & Open-Labor Counsel-Genova, Burns & Vernoia-60,000
R-09-66 Award-Non Fair & Open-COAH Counsel-McCarter & English-$80,000
R-09-67 Award of Contract-Special Litigation Counsel-Hedinger & Lawless-$75,000
R-09-68 State of NJ DEP Green Acres Enabling Resolution
R-09-69 Increasing Reserve for Self Insurance
R-09-70 Cancel 2008 Budget Appropriations of the Water Utility Operating Fund
R-09-71 Increasing Reserve for Snow Removal
R-09-72 Transfer 2008 Appropriations Reserves
R-09-73 Increasing Reserve for Accumulated Absences
R-09-74 Cancel Improvement Authorizations of the General Capital Fund
R-09-75 Fixed Assets Inventory (C.M. No. 10)
R-09-76 Court Reporter Services for the Planning & Zoning Boards (C.M. No. 11)
R-09-77 Consent Agenda
R-09-78 Approval of Chg. Ord. No. 2–Street Name Signs–American Traffic & Street Sign – $2,276.00 (C.M. No. 2-1/12/09)
R-09-79 Consent Agenda
R-09-80 Approving Increase in Fees-Preschool
R-09-81 Rejecting Bids Received for Electrical Contractor-DPW-C.M. No. 15
R-09-82 Auth. Contract w/Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.-$53,950.-Building Automation System-C.M. No. 16
R-09-83 Appointing Representatives – Essex County Community Development Committee
R-09-84 Consent Agenda
R-09-85 Authorizing Temporary Budget Appropriations
R-09-86 Increasing Reserve for Snow Removal
R-09-87 Transfer 2008 Appropriation Reserves
R-09-88 Increasing Insurance for Self Reserve
R-09-89 Bid Budget Approval
R-09-90 Change Order No. 25-27-Chanree Construction-$117,464.71-Municipal/Police Building
R-09-91 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Purchasing Program
R-09-92 Pulled
R-09-93 Rejecting Bids Received for Computer Consulting Services
R-09-94 Amending R-09-278 & Authorizing Disposition of Additional Surplus Equipment
R-09-95 Change Order No. 1 for Eneractive Solutions-Extending Length of Contract
R-09-96 Authorizing Contract w/Dewberry-Goodkind—Feasibility Study-Broadlawn Pl.-$19,750. CM No.
R-09-97 Authorizing Contract w/Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.-Rehab. Mine Hill Water Tank-$58,010. Pulled
R-09-98 Consent Agenda
R-09-99 Establish & Appoint a Livingston Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee
R-09-100 Authorizing Disposal of Surplus Equipment – DPW & Water Departments
R-09-101 Gypsy Moth Control Program
R-09-102 Authorizing Contract w/Main Pool & Chemical $47,200-Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals
R-09-103 Authorizing Contract w/ Coyne Chemical $1,933.80 – Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals
R-09-104 Authorizing Contract w/ Univar USA $17,760.00 – Purchase of Water Treatment Chemicals
R-09-105 Supporting Participation in the Sustainable Jersey Municipal Certification Program
R-09-106 2009 Temporary Capital Budget Appropriations –Attachment
R-09-107 Authorizing the Issuance of a Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate  –Attachment
R-09-108 Change Orders 28 & 29 for the Municipal and Police Building
R-09-109 Supporting the Mayors Wellness Campaign
R-09-110 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriations
R-09-111 Requesting Bus Shelter on Northfield (by Burrelles)
R-09-112 Transfer 2008 Appropriation Reserves
R-09-113 Increasing Reserve for Snow Removal
R-09-114 Authorizing Application for ANJEC Smart Growth Planning Assistance
R-09-115 Consent Agenda
R-09-116 Consent Agenda
R-09-117 Authorizing Contract w/ T&M Assoc. $52,500.00 Rehab Mine Hill Water Tank for Water Dept
R-09-118 Award of Contract to Metro PCS Wireless Antennas @ Edgemere & Chetwynd Water Tank
R-09-119 Essex County, Rec & Open Space Trust Fund -2009 Open Space Local Aid Prog- Memorial & Northland
R-09-120 Essex County, Rec & Open Space Trust Fund-2009 Open Space Local Aid Prog.- Prospect Park
R-09-121 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Cooperative Purchasing Program w/ Vendors
R-09-122 Appointing William Kimmel to Planning Board
R-09-123 Authorizing a Contract w/ Tatbit Company for and Electrical Contractor for the Township of Livingston
R-09-124 Consent Agenda
R-09-125 Temporary Emergency Budget Resolution
R-09-126 Introduction of 2009 Municipal Budget
R-09-127 Cancel Outstanding Checks
R-09-128 Awarding Contract for Electronic Management System to General Code – NTE $76,709.00
R-09-129 Awarding Pool Concession – “Vending to Please”
R-09-130 Award of Contract for Pool Resurfacing – Pine Brook Industrial – NTE $178,489.00
R-09-131 Authorizing Filing of 2008 Recycling Tonnage Grant
R-09-132 Change Orders 30, 31, 32 for Municipal and Police Building
R-09-133 Headquarters to Hatch Mott $99,500.00
R-09-134 Emergency Purchase – Passaic Ave Sewer Pump Station – R&R Pumping Services
R-09-135 Consent Agenda
R-09-136 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Appropriations  – more
R-09-137 State of NJ Cooperative Purchasing Program w/ attached Vendors
R-09-138 Auth. Purchases Under Somerset Cnty Cooperative Purchasing Prgm w/ attached Vendors
R-09-139 Change Order Milling & Repaving Woodland Terr
R-09-140 Change Order for Milling and Repaving Goodhart Dr
R-09-141 Change Order for Roadway Reconstruction N. Hillside Ave- Section
R-09-142 Auth. Filing of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
R-09-143 Supporting “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization
R-09-144 Authorizing the Sustainable Jersey Grant Funded by Wal-Mart
R-09-145 Consent Agenda
R 09-146 Resolution To Read Budget by Title
R-09-147 Resolution to Adopt 2009 Municipal Budget
R-09-148 Change Order 33 & 34 (Chanree Constr.) Municipal & Police Bldg Project $10,823.00  – change order
R-09-149 Contract Jenicar Builders Milling & Resurfacing N. Hillside Ave Section 8 & 9 –NTE $311,083.30
R-09-150 Award of Contract to VTM for construction Management Services $180,000.00
R-09-151 Emergency Three Month Contract Oriental Pacific Maintenance Co. NTE – $28,944.00
R-09-152 Issuance of Estimate Tax Bills
R-09-153 Award of Contract to Delta Dental
R-09-154 Resolution RE: EMT Training Fund
R-09-155 Awarding Contract w/ Coppola Svs for Peach Tree Hill Pump Station Improvements NTE $284,164.00
R-09-156 Awarding Contract for Granite Block Curbing Cedar Contracting Co $75,000.00
R-09-157 Awarding Contract Trius for two Dump Bodies NTE $56,796
R-09-158 Awarding Contract Jenicar Builder for Reocnstruction of Cornell Drive – NTE $378,233.99
R-09-159 Grant Submission DOT for sidewalks on Northfield Rd Btwn Livingston ave & Mt. Pleasant (Rt.10)
R-09-160 Establishing Open Space Tax Rate
R-09-161 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriations
R-09-162 Authorizing Use of Competitive Contracting Process for A Tax & Utility Billing and Collection System
R-09-163 Authorizing Contract w/ Storr Tractor Purchase Infield Utility vehicle & Accessories –NTE $31,811.13
R-09-164 Change Orders 35, 36, 38 – 45 Chanree Construction Municipal Police Building – $263,133.72
R-09-165 Approving Grant Application to NJDOT for Central Connector Bikeway Project
R-09-166 Consent Agenda 06/15/09
R-09-167 Change Order 1 w/ Appraisal System Inc. $8,760.00 Revaluation of Real Property Livingston
R-09-168 Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriations?
R-09-169 Annual Liquor License Renewals
R-09-170 Auth. Filing of American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Comm
R-09-171 Change Order No. 37 – Chanree Construction – $29,201.42 6/15/09
R-09-172 Rejecting Bids Received for Janitorial Services 6/15/09
R-09-173 Auth. Contr. w/ George A. Koteen Assoc. Inc. Audit Utility Bills not to exceed 45% Refunds & 40% Mntly Rdctns
R-09-174 Contract Stanziale Construction $197,776.13 for Milling and Repaving Putnam Rd
R-09-175 Agreement NJDOT regarding sidewalk maintenance along Rt. 10 Improvement Area
R-09-176 Amending Contract with Delta Dental
R-09-177 Grant Agreement w/ NJDOT for N. Hillside Ave Section 10 Project
R-09-178 ROID Grant 2009
R-09-179 Enter into Easement Agreement with Owners of 3 Fawn Drive
R-09-180 Enter into Easement Agreement with Owners of 35 Stonewall
R-09-181 Consent Agenda
R-09-182 Adopting an Identity Theft Policy
R-09-183 Authorizing Disposal of Surplus Property
R-09-184 Authorizing Approval of Change Orders No. 46-48 with Chanree Construction– $54,247.21
R-09-185 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriations
R-09-186 Authorizing Approval of Change Order No. 49-Chanree Construction – $42,134.40
R-09-187 Approving Contract with SOA for the Years 2009-2013
R-09-188 Amending Approved 2009 Municipal Budget (Not Introduced)
R-09-189 Township Goal Setting
R-09-190 Amending Approved 2009 Municipal Budget
R-09-191 Consent Agenda
R-09-192 Authorizing Purchases Under State of New Jersey Cooperative Program
R-09-193 Sustainable Land Use Resolution
R-09-194 Approving Fees for Certain Fall Recreation Programs
R-09-195 Certification of 2008 Audit Report & Group Affidavit
R-09-196 Contract with Goose Busters Inc. T/A Federal Goose Control not to exceed $30,000.00
R-09-197 Approval Change Orders 50-54 W/ Chanree Construction $131,718.13 for Municipal & Police Building
R-09-198 Contract with All State Technology not to exceed $257,600.00 Renovation Haines Pool Complex
R-09-199 2008 Corrective Action Plan
R-09-200 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriation (Not Introduced)
R-09-201 Authorizing Grant Agreement ANJEC Smart Growth Planning Develop and Environmental Resource Inventory
R-09-202 Authorizing Contract w/ First Byte Corp not to exceed $44, 050.00 for Tax & Utility Billing & Collection System
R-09-203 Authorizing Contract w/ Z Brothers Concrete not to exceed $525,667.95 Reconstruction Peach Tree Hill Rd
R-09-204 Place to Place Transfer ABC License- Mt. Pleasant Landmark, Inc
R-09-205 Authorizing Contract w/ Z Brothers Concrete not to exceed $106,311.23 Reconstruction of Daven Rd
R-09-206 Authorizing Contract w/ Z Brothers Concrete not to exceed $109,772.76 Reconstruction of Harvard Pl
R-09-207 Authorizing Contract w/ Owl Contracting not to exceed $522,523.00 Milling & Resurfacing Bear Brook Lane,
Madison Court, Stoneham Drive and Thurston Drive
R-09-208 Authorizing For- Profit Vendors to be Charged a Registration Fee of $25.00 to Participate in the October 4 Eco-Fair
R-09-209 Amending Approved 2009 Municipal Budget
R-09-210 Consent Agenda
R-09-211 Authorizing Application for 2010 Funding Livingston Municipal Alliance (Memorialized)
R-09-212 New Recreation Fee “Bus Rental”
R-09-213 Authorizing Purchases under State Contract w/ Motorola Comm.-NTE $994,282
R-09-214 Authorizing Contract – Aqua Pro-tech Labs NTA $25,496 -Lab Services for Water Dept
R-09-215 Authorizing Contract w/QC Labs-BTE $17,141-Lab Svcs for Rec. Dept. and WPCF
R-09-216 Approval of Change Orders 55-57 Chanree Constr – $23,321.04
R-09-217 Adoption of Housing Element and Fair Share Plan
R-09-218 Authorizing Award of Contract with Potters & Della Pietra LLP –NTE $20,000
R-09-219 Supporting Community Healthy Living Index
R-09-220 Amend Adopted 2009 Municipal Budget to Include Special Items of Revenue
R-09-221 Authorizing Disposal of Surplus Property
R-09-222 Authorizing Contract with Ischia Corp. NTE $300,500 for Parking Lot and Milling and Paving on Madonna Dr
R-09-224 Rejecting Bids Received for Air Headers System Repairs at the Water Pollution Control Facility 9
R-09-225 Authorizing Final Change Order – Stanziale Construction – Bowling and Balmoral Dr. – $4,696.04
R-09-226 Authorizing Change Order No. 1-Stanziale Construction -Reconstruction of Baker Rd.-$23,431.11
R-09-227 Authorizing Final Change Order-Ischia Crop.-$24,658.50-Longacre Drive
R-09-228 Rejecting Bids Received for the Skate Park
R-09-229 Auth. Contract w/Van Cleef Eng.-Design of Plans-Reconstruction-Wynnewood Rd. NTE $9650
R-09-230 Authorizing Purchases Under State of New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-09-231 Safe and Secure Communities Program
R-09-232 Awarding Contract-Printing Scvs-Hawk Graphics
R-09-233 Awarding Approval of Change Orders 59-60-Chanree Constr.-in the Decreased Amt. of $2,282.30
R-09-234 Authorizing Reimbursement Agreement with Livingston Board of Education
R-09-235 Auth. Contract – Printing Svcs – Courier Printing
R-09-236 Auth. Contract-Printing Svcs-Proforma Graphic Innovation
R-09-237 Consent Agenda of October 5, 2009 1
R-09-238 Amend Adopted 2009 Mun. Budget to Include Special Items of Revenue and Appropriation
R-09-239 Agreement to Access E.O. Water Reserve Property for Limited Purpose of Deer Management
R-09-240 Auth. Approval of Change Order No. 58 with Chanree Construction-$73,096,50
R-09-241 Green Acres Enabling Resolution
R-09-242 Award of Contract-Milling and Repaving-Prospect Rd. and Sunset Rd.-Stanziale Constr-$158,578.56
R-09-243 Auth. Purchases under State Cooperative Purchasing Program
R-09-244 Auth. Change Order No. 1-Cedar Contracting- Granite Block Curb Repairs -$7,376.40
R-09-245 Awarding Contr.-Congressional Pkwy, Bryant Dr. and Vicinity Storm Drainage Improvements
R-09-246 Change Order for Haines Pool Resurfacing
R-09-247 Consent Agenda October 19, 2009
R-09-248 Endorsing “Green Acres, Water Supply and Floodplain Protection…Act of 2009”
R-09-249 Amending Township Employee Handbook of Personnel Policies and Procedures
R-09-250 Auth. Contract-CFM Constr.-NTE $89,700-AirHeaders System Repairs for WPCF
R-09-251 Auth. Contract-Stanziale Constr-NTE $245,501.31-Milling and Repaving-Langtree and Longview
R-09-252 Auth. Contract- Hatch Mott MacDonald-NTE $61,000
R-09-253 Amend Adopted 2009 Municipal Budget to Include Special items of Revenue and Appropriation
R-09-254 Auth. Approval-Change Order No.1 -CME Associates -$7500-Additional Soil Delineation
R-09-255 Person-to-Person Transfer Liq.Lic. from Livingston Ace, LLC to Lim Chew Corp
R-09-256 Consent Agenda of November 2, 2009
R-09-257 Auth. Change Orders Nos. 61.62 & 64
R-09-258 Auth. Change Orders Nos. 61, 62 & 64 – Chanree Construction – Increased Amount of $34,438.63
R-09-259 Approving Amendment to Great West 457 Plan Document 11/2/09
R-09-260 Auth. Contract with Warnock under State Contr. – 2 Ford Escape Hybrid Vehicles-NTE $57,744
R-09-261 Bipartisan Committee on Appointments
R-09-262 Rejecting Bids for Skate Park
R-09-263 Contract with Foveonics Imaging Technology Under Somerset Cnty Coop #CCF-95-08 Scanning & Microfilming
R-09-264 Consent Agenda November 16, 2009
R-09-265 Approval Change Orders 62 &63 Chanree Construction –Increased Amount of $1,359.60
R-09-266 Authorizing Participation in Adaptive Recreation Grant
R-09-267 Transfer 2009 Budget Appropriations
R-09-268 Authorizing Shared Services with Essex County for Leaf Removal
R-09-269 Authorizing Interlocal Services Agreement for Goose Control Services with the Livingston Board of Education
R-09-270 Approving Fees for Certain Recreation Programs
R-09-271 Consent Agenda December 7, 2009
R-09-272 Contract with Steven Winter Associate NTE $81,657.00 for Energy Audit for Township of Livingston
R-09-273 Authorizing Manager to Execute Agreement w/ lowest Bidder Bulk Purchase of Electricity WCPF & Water Dept
R-09-274 Appointing Representative – Essex County Transportation Advisory Board
R-09-275 Authorizing Open End Contract w/ Lee Company Fire Hydrant Parts for the Water Dept
R-09-276 Authorizing Open End corntract with Water Works Supply Company Fire Hydrant Parts for Water Dept
R-09-277 Amend Adopted 2009 Municipal Budget to include Special Items of Revenue and Appropriation Not Determined
R-09-278 Resolution to Transfer 2009 Budget Appropriations
R-09-279 Resolution to Cancel Grant Receivables and Reserves
R-09-280 Resolution to Cancel Outstanding Checks
R-09-281 Resolution to Cancel Inactive General Trust Fund Reserves
R-09-282 Approval Change Order No. 65 Chanree Construction $81,030.65 for Municipal & Police Building
R-09-283 Consent Agenda December 21, 2009
R-09-284 Approving Annual Budget Livingston Community Partnership Corporation 2010
R-09-285 Filing 2010 Essex County Division of Housing & Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application
R-09-286 Approving Change Order No. 66 Chanree Construction $113,001.98 Construction to Municipal & Police Building
R-09-287 Application for “Club” Liq.Lic.-Livingston Lodge No.11 Free and Accepted Masons
R-09-288 Resolution to Transfer 2009 Budget Appropriations
R-09-289 Resolution to Cancel Outstanding Checks
R-09-290 Resolution to Cancel Improvement Authorizations of the General Capital Fund
R-09-291 Cancel 2009 Budget Appropriations of the Sewer Utility Operating fund
R-09-292 Cancel 2009 budget Appropriations of the Swimming Pool Utility Operating Fund
R-09-293 Cancel 2009 Budget Appropriation of the Water Utility Operating Fund
R-09-294 Increasing Deferred Local School District Tax
R-09-295 Requesting Legislature to Restructure Bring Fairness to Tax & Franchise Fees for Telecommunication & Cable
R-09-296 Authorizing Award Contract for Township Auditor NTE $89,500.00
R-09-297 Authorizing contract for Bond Counsel NTE $120,000.00
R-09-298 Authorizing Approval Change Order No. One with McCarter & English
R-09-299 Authorizing Award of Contract with Kinsey Associates for Professional Engineering Services
R-09-300 Authorizing Contract with American Ramp DBA Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks NTE $83,967.00 for Skatepark
R-09-301 Authorizing Interlocal Services Agreement with Township of Roseland
R-09-302 Requesting Legislature to Restructure and Bring Fairness to Tax & Franchise Fees for Telecommunication & Cable
R-09-303 Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund Joint Trust Agreement & Resolution to Rejoin
R-09-304 Resolution Authorizing approval Change Order Number One w/ Hatch Mott MacDonald
R-09-305 Award of Contract w/ Genova, Burns & Vernoia for Labor Counsel NTE $60,000.00
R-09-306 Award of Contract to Talley Planning Assoc. for Township Planner NTE $60,000.00
R-09-307 Award Contract Hedinger & Lawless for Special Litigation Councel NTE $75,000.00
R-09-308 Award of Contract with Potters & Della Pietra NTE $20,000.00
R-09-309 Authorizing Risk Management Consultant’s Agreement
R-09-310 Award Contract Vincentsen Thompson and Meade for Construction Management Services NTE $180,000.00
R-09-311 Authorizing Approval Change Order Number One w/ Connolly Environmental