2010 Town Council Resolutions


R-10-01 R-10-01 Consent Agenda January 1, 2010

R-10-02 Appointment of Township Attorney

R-10-03 Appointment of Assistant Township Attorney

R-10-04 Appointment of Municipal Public Defender

R-10-05 Appointment of Assistant Municipal Prosecutors & Municipal Public Defenders

R-10-06 Appointment to Planning Board

R-10-07 Appointments to Zoning Board of Adjustment

R-10-08 Appointing Members to Open Space Trust Fund Committee

R-10-09 appointment to Livingston Community Partnership Management Corp.

R-10-10 Appointments to the Township Appearance Committee

R-10-11 Appointments to Arts Council of Livingston.

R-10-12 Appointment to Livingston Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee.

R-10-13 Appointments to Consumer Affairs Committee

R-10-14 Appointments to Ad Hoc Committee for Deer Management

R-10-15 Appointments to Advisory Committee for Disabilities

R-10-16 Amending and Revising Article 2 Chapter 14 Fees for Health Department Services

R-10-17 Appointments to the Friends of the Livingston Dog Parks Committee

R-09-18 Appointments to Emergency Planning Council

R-10-19 Appointments to Fourth of July Celebration Committee

R-10-20 Appointments to Township Golf Tournament Committee

R-10-21 Appointments to Advisory Health Committee

R-10-22 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Holiday Decorations

R-10-23 Appointments to Technology Committee formerly known as Information Technology Management Comm

R-10-24 Creating and Appointments to Littell’s Pond Skating Committee.

R-10-25 Creating and Appointments to the Living Green Team

R-10-26 Appointments to Livingston Municipal Alliance Committee (LMAC)

R-10-27 Appointments to Livingston Public Broadcasting Executive Board.

R-10-28 Appointments to Livingston Public Broadcasting Committee

R-10-29 Appointments to Livingston Youth & Community Services Advisory Committee (LYCS)

R-10-30 Appointments to Parade Day Committee

R-10-31 Appointments to Ad Hoc Committee for Improvement of Playing Fields

R-10-32 Creating and Appointments to Orchard Hill Development Committee

R-10-33 Appointments to Prospect Park Committee

R-10-34 Appointments to the Recycling & Reclamation Committee formerly known as SWAC and Livingston Living Green Recycling Committee

R-10-35 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Senior Citizens

R-10-36 Renaming Advisory Committee on Recreation & Parks to Advisory Committee SYLS

R-10-37 Appointments to Ad Hoc Skate Park Committee

R-10-38 Appointments to Sports Council

R-10-39 Appointments to the Trails & Greenways Committee

R-10-40 Advisory Committee on Transportation

R-10-41 Appointments to Vision 2020 Committee

R-10-42 Designating Official Newspaper

R-10-43 Authorizing 2010 Temporary Budget Appropriations

R-10-44 Cash Management Plan

R-10-45 Authorizing Interest totbe Charged on Delinquent Taxes

R-10-46 Establishing Interest Penalties

R-10-47 Consent Agenda 010410

R-10-48 Appointment of Public Agency Compliance Officer

R-10-49 Contract McCarter & Englsih for COAH Counsel $80,000.00

R-10-50 Contract with Concorde Group NTE $6,979.00 for Records Purging Reorganization & Inventory

R-10-51 Authorizing Purchases Under Somerset County Coop Program.

R-10-52 Authorizing Purchases Under the State of NJ Coop Program.

R-10-53 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Coop.

R-10-54 Authorizing Purchases Under Union County Coop.

R-10-55 Authorizing Purchases Under Essex County Coop.


R-10-57 Consent Agenda Jan. 25, 2010

R-10-58 Change Orders Chanree Construction

R-10-59 Approval Change Order Suburban Consulting Engineers

R-10-60 Approval Change Order Coppola Services

R-10-61 Contract with Campbell Foundry

R-10-62 Budget Livingston Community Partnership

R-10-63 Appointing Reps Essex County Community Development Committee – 1/25/10

R-10-64 Change Order Genova Burns Vernoia

R-10-65 Authorizing Change Order #one with Suburban Consulting Engineers

R-10-66 Approving 2010 Swimming Pool Fees

R-10-67 Award of Contract to Scarinci & Hollenbeck NTE $310,000.00.

R-10-68 Authorizing 2010 Temporary Budget Appropriations

R-10-69 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Cooperative Purchasing Program

R-10-70 Authorizing Purchased under the State of NJ Cooperative Purchasing Program


R-10-72 Resolution Increasing Reserve for Self-Insurance

R-10-73 Increasing Reserve for Accumulated Absences

R-10-74 Increasing Reserve for Snow Removal

R-10-75 Authorizing Award of Contract to O’Brien & Gere Engineers for Professional Engineering Services


R-10-77 Approval of final Change Order with Stanziale Construction in the Amount $17,070.98 for Milling & Paving of Prospect and Sunset Roads

R-10-78 2010 Temporary Capital Budget

R-10-79 Authorizing Execution of Right of Way Agreement with Fiber Technologies Network (Fibertech)

R-10-80 Agreement with Caillon at Towne Center

R-10-81 Consent Agenda


R-10-83 Authorizing the Application for Refunding Bond Ord

R-10-84 Authorizing 2010 Temporary Budget Appropriation

R-10-85 Contract with Spectraserve NTE $200,000.00 Sludge Removal WPCF

R-10-86 Rejecting Bid Collection, Disposal and Trucking of leaves

R-10-87 Contract Dell Marketing under NJ State Contract NTE $28,997.80 for Storage Unit for Electronic Documents System

R-10-88 Approval Change Order No. 1 with Main Pool and Chemical

R-10-89 Authorizing Sale of Surplus Property on an Online Auction Website

R-10-90 Authorizing Contract with Herman Miller NTE $185,000.00 for Office Furniture

R-10-91 Approving Fees for Certain Recreation Programs

R-10-92 Authorizing Open end Contract with Constellation New Energy for purchase Electric Energy

R-10-93 Consent Agenda March 1, 2010

R-10-94 Business Stimulus Fund

R-10-95 Approval of Change Order 2 CME $5000.00 Environmental Engineering

R-10-96 Open end Contract Riverside Graphics for Township Newsletter

R-10-97 Approval Change Order 69 Chanree Construction $40,795.70 for Municipal Bldg

R-10-98 Contract Carousel Industries of N. America NTE $198,766.28 for phone system & data Municipal Complex

R-10-99 Consent Agenda 061510

R-10-100 One year extension of existing contract with George S. Coyne Chemical Co. NTE $1,933.80.00.

R-10-101 One year extension of existing contract with Main Pool & Chemical NTE $56,200.00

R-10-102 Approval Change Orders 71-74 & 76 Chanree Construction $202,423.32 for Municipal & Police bldg

R-10-103 Contract with Arnold Furniture Manufacturers NJ Contract NTE $21,000.00

R-10-104 Contract with Business Furniture Inc. NTE $264,000.00 for furniture at new complex

R-10-105 Contract with Jami, Inc. DBA Fixture Furniture NTE $50,000.00 New Municipal Complex

R-10-106 Contract Kimball International marketing NTE $170,000.00 for New Municipal Complex.

R-10-107 Consent Agenda April 5,2010

R-10-108 Award of Contract Regional Communications NTE 27,530.00

R-10-109 Authorizing final Change Order Stanziale Construction Milling and Paving Putnam Rd

R-10-110 Refunding Bond Resolution

R-10-111 Authorizing Sale of Surplus Personal Property for Public Use on a Online Auction Website

R-10-112 Authorizing Contract MSky Construction NTE $156,291,80 Barrier Free Curb Cuts for Engineering Dept

R10-113 Award of Contract Johnson, Murphy Hubner….Township Attorney NTE $232,500.00.

R-10-114 Application to include Friends of the Livingston Public Library into Insurance Program.

R-10-115 Contract with Sig Sauer NTE $38,165.00 for Handguns for Police Dept.pdf

R-10-116 Approving SYLS Program Fees

R-10-117 Opposing Legislation Eliminating the Time of Decision Rule

R-10-118 Consent Agenda 041910

R-10-119 Rejection of Bids Received for Collection, Disposal and Trucking of Leaves

R-10-120 Approval Change Order No. 7 Chanree Construct. $64,332.74 for Municipal Complex

R-10-121 Approval Change Order 1 Davies Associates $6,200.00 Landscape Municipal Complex

R-10-122 Award Contract Hatch Mott MacDonal Engineering Services

R-10-123 Approval Change Order No. 75 & 77 Chanree $16,181.90 Municipal Complex

R-10-124 Award Contract Eaton Corp to purchases Uninterrupted Power Supply for Municipal Complex

R-10-125 Award Contract Jenicar Bldrs NTE $153,273.04 Milling & Paving N. Hillside Section 10

R-10-126 Auth. Amendment to Ord 15-2010

R-10-127 Contract Suburban Consulting Engineers NTE $13,300.00 Extension Water Main on Relkin Rd.

R-10-128 Contract DiMilia NTE $197,190.00 Renovation Tennis Courts @ Northland and Basketball Courts @ Memorial Park

R-10-129 Consent Agenda

R-10-130 Contract with Kinsey Assoc. to Include Additional Prof. Engineering Svs

R-10-131 Change Order 79 Chanree Construct. $57,734.86 Construction Muni Complex






R-10-137 Resolution to Introduce 2010 Municipal Budget

R-10-138 Resolution Establishing 2010 Municipal Open Space Tax Rate

R-10-139 Authorizing Three Year Average Tax Collection Rate in the Calculation of the Reserve for uncollected Taxes in the 2010 Budget

R-10-140 Consent Agenda May 17, 2010

R-10-141 Amendment to Ordinance #15-2010 LTC Redevelopment Plan

R-10-142 Approval Change Order No 80 & 81 with Chanree Construction $25,774.00 Construction of Municipal Complex

R-10-143 Contract with Micro Pave Systems Under Morris County Coop. Contract # Six NTE $100,000.00 Application of Crack Sealant

R-10-144 Authorizing Open-End Contract with S. Rotondi & Sons for Collection, Disposal and Trucking of Leaves

R-10-145 Authorizing Tax Collector to Prepare and Mail Estimated Tax Bills

R-10-146 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Cooperative Purchasing Program

R-10-147 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriation

R-10-148 Approving Agreement with BID for financing of streetscape improvements

R-10-149 Approval Change Order No. 1 & Final with Z Brothers Concrete Contractors $27,832.07 Reconstruction Harvard Place

R-10-150 Approval of Change Orders No. 1 & Final Z Brothers Concrete Contractors $39,118.78 for Reconstruction of Daen Rd.

R-10-151 Consent Agenda 060710

R-10-152 Approval Change Order No. 82 -84 Chanree Construction $22,874.80 Construction of Municipal Services Complex

R-10-153 Award Contract Hatch Mott MacDonald NTE $28,900.00

R-10-154 Establishing Police Dept. Petty Cash Fund

R-10-155 Cancel Grant Receivables and Reserves

R-10-156 Resolution to Cancel Outstanding Checks

R-10-157 Resolution to Cancel Outstanding Maintenance and Performance Guarantee Deposits

R-10-158 Resolution to Change Custodians of Petty Cash Funds

R-10-159 Place to Place Transfer ABC License Livingston Bottle King

R-10-160 Award of Contract to Millennium Enterprises Outdoor Signage at the Library NTE $25,160.00.

R-10-161 Approval of Change Order No 3 CME Associate total sum $5,250.00 Additional Environmental Engineering Service at New Complex

R-10-162 Authorizing Self-Examination if 2010 Municipal Budget

R-10-163 To Read Budget by Title

R-10-164 To Adopt 2010 Budget

R-10-165 Consent Agenda 062110

R-10-166 Authorizing a Contract Extension with First Occupational Recycling and Waste for Collection, Removal and Disposal of Recyclable Materials

R-10-167 Award Contract Hatch Mott MacDonald for Engineering Services NTE $34,800.00

R-10-168 Change Order no. One Waste Industries $177,166.66

R-10-169 Change Order No 85 Chanree Construction $412,896.00 Municipal Complex

R-10-170 Contract with Ace World Wide Moving and Storage NTE $15,500.00

R-10-171 Authorizing Purchases Under the State of NJ Cooperative Purchasing Program

R-10-172 Approving Participation State of NJ Safe and Secure Communities Program Administered by Division of Criminal Justice Dept. Law and Public Safety.

R-10-173 Authorizing Grant Application Assistance to Firefighters Program

R-10-174 Annual Renewal of ABC Licenses

R-10-175 Authorizing Emergency Temporary Budget Appropriations

R-10-176 Consent Agenda 071210

R-10-177 Approval Change Order No 1 with Jenicar Builders $26,150.00 for N.
Hillside Section 10

R-10-178 Support form Local Governing Body Authorizing the Sustainable Jersey Grant funded by Wal-Mart

R-10-179 Authorizing Approval Change Order No. 86-88 Chanree Construction
$68,898.89 for Municipal Complex

R-10-180 Contract with M Sky Construction NTE $107,500.00 Townwide Reconstruction of Granite Block Curbing

R-10-181 Approval Change Order #1 Jenicar Builders $73,581.78 Milling and Resurfacing N. Hillside Ave Section 8 & 9

R-10-182 Approval Change Order #1 Jenicar Builders $6,370.84 Reconstruction Cornell Dr.

R-10-183 Change Order No. One Hatch Mott MacDonald $16,200.00 Additional Remedial Investigation Services LPD

R-10-184 Change Order No 2 Hatch Mott MacDonald $27,800.00 Additional Remedial Investigation LPD

R-10-185 Agreement for Developers Contribution to Water Delivery System

R-10-186 Change Order 90 Chanree Construction $534,287.00 Municipal Complex



R-10-189 Approval Change Order # 89 Chanree Construction $3,213.00 Municipal Complex

R-10-190 Contract Tilcon NY Under Morris Cnty Coop. Contract #6 NTE $85,000.00 Milling and Paving Various Roads

R-10-191 Amend Adopted 2010 Municipal Budget to include special items of Revenue and Appropriation not determined at the time of Budget Adoption

R-10-192 Establishing Technical Review Fees for Commercial Applicants and Minor and major Residential Subdivision and Site Plan Applicants

R-10-194 Authorizing Contract with Campbell Foundry Under Morris Cnty Coop.
Contract #14 NTE $18,000.00 Catch Basin Grates and Inlets for Township

R-10-195 Contract with Asphalt Paving Under NJ State Contract A72038 NTE $260,000.00 Micro-Surfacing for Engineering Dept

R-10-196 NJ DEP Green Acres Enabling Resolution

R-10-197 Contract with Rapid Pump NTE $108780.00 Modification to WPCF for De-Nitrification Process

R-10-198 Approval to submit Grant Application and Execute Grant Agmet-NJDOT–Hillside Ave.–Section 4 5

R-10-199 Authorizing Mount Laurel Litigation Settlement Agreement with TMB Partners

R-10-200 Authorizing Five Year Contract with Waste Industries NTE $3,971,100.00 for Curbside Collection, Removal and Disposal of Solid Waste

R-10-201 Award Contract to Galaxy Recycling for Marketing of Recyclable Materials Recovered through the Recycling Program

R-10-202 Approval Change Order #1 with Business Furniture Under State Contract A69935 for Total Sum $3,820.44 additional office furniture for Complex

R-10-203 Change Order #1 with Tatbit Company Total Sum $4,000.00 for Additional Electrical Contracting Services

R-10-204 Authorizing Application for 2011 Funding Livingston Municipal Alliance

R-10-205 Consent Agenda September 7, 2010

R-10-206 Approval of Change Order No. 91 with Chanree Construction $5,139.20 for Municipal Complex

R-10-207 Approving SYLS Program Fees

R-10-208 Contract with Jenicar Builders Contractors NTE $376,878.52 Reconstruction of Wynnewood Rd.

R-10-209 Approval of Change Order Number One Ace World Wide Moving and Storage $3,090.00 Commercial Moving Services

R-10-210 Approval Change Order #2 Tatbit Company $14,000 for Additional Electrical Contracting Services

R-10-211 Award of Contract to Shauger Property Services to Repair and Rebuild Catch Basin NTE $32,960.00

R-10-212 Consent Agenda September 20, 2010

R-10-213 Certification of 2009 Audit Report

R-10-214 2009 Corrective Action Plan

R-10-215 Change order-M Sky Corporation – Barrier Free Curb Cuts

R-10-216 Change Order 92 & 93 Chanree Const. $18,632.70 Munic Complex

R-10-217 Change Order 94 Chanree Construct $13,482.00 Municipal Complex

R-10-218 Amend Adopted 2010 Budget include special items of revenue

R-10-219 Aqua

R-10-220 Rejecting Bids 2010 Road Reconstruction Prgm Drainage improvement South Section

R-10-221 Rejecting Bids for 2010 Road Reconstruction Drainage Improvement North Section

R-10-222 Carousel Change Order 1 resolution

R-10-223 Consent Agenda September 20, 2010

R-10-224 Micropave Systems Change Order 1

R-10-225 East Orange Water REserve

R-10-230 Accepting Proposal from Hatch Mott MacDonald for Discharge to Surface Water NJPDES Permit Renewal Application

R-10-231 Consent Agenda October 25, 2010

R-10-232 Approval Change Order No. One with Tilcon NY Morris Cnty Cooperative NTE $1,952.45 Milling and Paving Various Rd

R-10-233 Appointments to Bi-Partisan Advisory Committee

R-10-234 Entering into an Easement Agreement with the Owner of One Sheffield Crt

R-10-235 Authorizing Purchases Under the State of NJ Cooperative Purchasing Program

R-10-236 BudgetAmendment


R-10-238 Person to Person Transfer ABC License from JMJ Commerce (dba) Elite Wines & Liquors to Stellar Spirits, Inc

R-10-239 Amending R-10-229 Entering into 6 month extension Hawk Graphics

R-10-240 Consent Agenda November 1, 2010

R-10-241 Amend Adopted 2010 Municipal Budget to include Special Items of Revenue and Appropriation Not determined at Time of Budget Adoption

R-10-243 Approval Change Order 95-98 $58,154.60 Municipal Complex

R-10-244 Approval Change Order 2 Davies Associates $5.000.00 Various Extra Work Services

R-10-245 Amend Adopted 2010 Budget to include Special Items of Revenue and Appropriation Not determined at time of adoption

R-10-246 Refunding Bond Ordinance to be filed with Local Finance Board

R-10-247 Filing CDBG Grant Reprogramming 2010 Application

R-10-248 Authorizing Sale of Surplus Property on Online Auction Website

R-10-250 Contract with Valley Painting NTE $198,750.00 Rehabilitation of Mine Hill Water Storage Tank

R-10-251 Cost Reimbursement Agreement NJDOT for Pedestrian Streetscape

R-10-252 Change Order Number 1 with Genova, Burns & Giantomasi for $11,000.00 Additional Labor Counsel Services R-10-252 ATTACHMENT Availability of funds

R-10-253 Change Order 1 with Johnson,Murphy, Hubner… Total $82,000.00 Additional Township Attorney Services

R-10-254 Accept Subgrant Award Fiscal year 2010 Dept Homeland Security Emergency Mgmt for CFO to Amend Budget

R-10-255 Transfer 2010 Budget Appropriations

R-10-256 Approving Fees for Certain Recreation Programs

R-10-257 Filing of 2011 Essex Cnty Division of Housing and CDBG App


R-10-259 Contract with Samuel Klein & Company NTE $82,500.00 for Auditing and Arbitrage Compliance Services

R-10-262 Authorizing Contract with Liberty Construction & Developing NTE $78,600.00 to Furnish and Install Two Generators for the Fire Department