Take a Look at Yourself & Don’t Forget the 4 P’s

The Nursing Division of the Livingston Health Department would like to remind you to remember to…

Take a Look at Yourself & Don’t Forget the 4 P’s

Prevent skin cancer by having routine skin assessment screens and using proper self-care before, after, and during sun exposure!

Prepare any and all sun screens, hats, light colored clothing, umbrellas, extra before any trip or an event in which you will be exposed to the sun!

Provide your skin protection from the sun’s harmful rays!  Remember to always apply sun screen as directed (prior to sun exposure) and don’t forget to check the expiration date on the bottle before application!

Promote self-checks.  Routine self-checks can alert you to subtle changes in your skin.  Early detection is key in most health related treatments.


For further educational information contact Ashley Messer, RN/Health Educator at the Livingston Nursing Department (973)-535-7961 x227.