August is National Immunization Month

August is National Immunization Month


The Nursing Division of the Livingston Health Department would like to take this opportunity to inform our residents that August is National Immunization Month!  As the new school year approaches, we would like to remind our residents to get their preschool, school aged, college bound children up-to-date with their immunizations as required and set forth by New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 8 of Chapter 57: Communicable Disease, Sub chapter 4: Immunizations of Pupils in School (  Many childhood diseases are preventable simply by vaccinating.  Please keep in mind vaccines not only protect your child and your family, but also your community and those who were be unable to receive their vaccinations.

Find time to get everything done and prepared for a new school year can be very difficult.  So grouping tasks like annual sports physicals and immunization checkups with your pediatrician can save time and money.  A sports physical is a great time to discuss, and ensure your child’s vaccines are up-to-date.  Additionally, if you have a college bound student make sure to check with the College/University they’ll be attending prior to his or her doctors visit.  A “college physical” to ensure your child is in good health and double check he/she has all required shots  is a great thing to do before the start of the school year.  Remember requirements may vary in different states and on different campuses and having a delay or gap in a vaccine schedule could ground your fledgling from leaving the nest this semester!

Don’t forget about your flu shot!  The flu season is just around the corner and the Influenza vaccine is a mandatory requirement for children ages 6 to 59 months of age who are starting or attending preschools and daycare centers in New Jersey.  Please note to ensure your child is correctly vaccinated, children receiving the flu shot for the first time will require two (2) vaccines twenty eight (28) days apart.  If there is a lapse or discrepancy in the vaccine schedule your child may be unable to attend daycare and/or preschool until the vaccine has been administered appropriately.

Did you know, it is recommended that everyone six months and older receive the flu shot (some medical restrictions may apply and always check with a primary care physician prior to vaccination)?  Adults need to keep current on immunizations whether it be the flu, pneumonia, shingles, Tdap or boosters, vaccines help adult’s especially aging adults stay healthy!  The Livingston Health Department offers flu shots and will be announcing our annual Flu clinics for this Fall soon.  Please check out our website at and click Health for more information or call the Nursing Office at (973)535-7961 ext. 228.

For more information about childhood vaccines you can visit the New Jersey State website , Centers for Disease Control at or call the Nursing Office at (973) 535-7961 ext. 228.


Together we can make this school year a healthy and productive one!