Helping Survivors of Hurricane Disasters: Cash Donations to Trusted Organizations

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On the heels of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida, Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico, leaving the entire island without power or resources.

For those looking to help survivors who are in need of food, shelter, and supplies and who are starting the long process of rebuilding, keep in mind this important advice from FEMA:

Cash is best. Financial contributions to recognized disaster relief organizations are the fastest, most flexible, and most effective method of donating. Organizations on the ground know what items and quantities are needed, often buy in bulk with discounts and, if possible, purchase through area businesses which supports economic recovery.

There are many organizations accepting donations for relief efforts on the ground. These are just a few:

Charity Navigator provides detailed information about nonprofits; visit its lists of charities responding to Hurricane Victims to learn more about each organization’s focus and how its funds are used.

Before sending donations of goods or planning to volunteer, follow FEMA’s guidelines:

Confirm donations needed. Critical needs change rapidly. Unsolicited goods NOT needed burden local organizations’ ability to meet survivors’ confirmed needs, drawing away valuable volunteer labor, transportation, and warehouse space.

Connect to volunteer. Trusted organizations operating in the affected area know where volunteers are needed, and can ensure appropriate volunteer safety, training, and housing.

Visit National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) for information about organizations in need of volunteers. VOAD is asking volunteers NOT to self-deploy.

While it may “feel” like we are doing more to help by donating items, doing so without specific direction from a designated Disaster Relief organization actually creates more work that can take volunteers and valuable resources away from where they are truly needed

Remember — cash donations are the most effective way to help!