LEAF COLLECTION: Section 3 Leaves Picked Up Nov. 20-26. View Schedule:

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Pumpkin Spice & Leaf Collection    Click to enlarge:  2017 Leaf Collection Sched-Chart

Section 2: Your leaves will be picked up between November 6 & November 19.

Section 3: Put  your leaves out at the curb starting on November 12. Your leaves will be picked up between November 20 & November 26.

All Sections: Put your next batch of leaves out between November 20 & December 3. They will be picked up December 4 – 10.

Remember, DO NOT put leaves back in the street if your street has already been picked up — even if you are still technically within the dates allowed on the chart for putting leaves in the street in your Section.
(Don’t worry — we WILL be back for them!)

Collection Schedule with Section locations

Leaf Collection Program Guidelines 

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Info for Landscapers 

Alphabetical list of Township streets (Find your Leaf Collection Section!)

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