Express Shuttle Summer Schedule: July 10 – Sept. 5

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The Livingston Express Shuttle Summer Schedule is effective July 10 – September 5, 2017.

View the Summer 2017 Schedule:


While multiple trains are shown for some of shuttle arrivals/departures, the one in black bold is the one that is primary for the shuttle schedule. As noted on the chart, the 625 train is the only train that goes directly to NYP. There are no direct trains home from NYP to SO.


View/download the Livingston Express Shuttle Summer 2017 Schedule & Information (PDF)


Livingston Express Shuttle Information

Shuttle Fare: The cost remains $2 per trip or $70 per month. Exact fare is required.

Parking: Parking for commuters is available at the Livingston Mall free of charge in Section 18, located near the Walnut Street entrance, behind Macy’s and beside the “bus depot” where there are two active bus shelters. The Shuttle picks up passengers at the 1st Bus Shelter. The parking area is well lit and will be regularly patrolled by both Mall security and the Livingston Police Department.

Delays: We will evaluate each delay situation as it arises and work with Dispatch and the Driver to minimize travel time for all passengers. In considering the schedule, we will look to the primary route for each shuttle run and see what is happening system-wide.

Train times are provided as a recommendation; please see the Morris & Essex Line Schedule at for more information.

To reach the Shuttle Dispatch (TRANSDEV): Call 973-618-1280

GroupMe Notifications: This is the primary form of communication to keep riders updated on the current operational status of the shuttle.

Learn more & sign up for notifications below:

View/download the Livingston Express Shuttle Summer 2017 Schedule & Information (PDF)