About Us

LMAC’s mission is to focus on the prevention of the illegal use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in the home, school, and community.  LMAC believes that such prevention must be based on committed grassroots involvement.

Successful national and state prevention efforts build on this local foundation where community values are clarified and drug free, healthy lifestyles are promoted.

LMAC has taken the leadership in developing and supporting over 30 prevention programs and projects which are designed to educate and mobilize our entire community towards working together to create healthier lifestyles.

Questions about LMAC activities go to:
Sasha Pailet Koff, LMAC Chair
Tel: 917-806-9972
Email: srpailet@yahoo.com

Questions about grant funding go to:
Susan Ridley, PhD
Program Supervisor – Community Services and LMAC Coordinator

Senior, Youth and Leisure Services
204 Hillside Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039
Tel: 973-535-7925 ext 703

LMAC Committee Members
Teresa Allard
Patty Arnold
Sydney Arnold
Suzy Berman
Joanne Browne
Soma Chaudhuri
Pam Chirls
John Crump
Ann Ferreira
Erin Field
Christie Giacobbe
Laura Goren
Rani Gundavarapu
Sylvia Heller
Lisa Joseph
Saba Khan
Joy Klapal
Zanna Lantzman
Kevin Mullaney
Kate Romeo
Susan Seidenfeld
Staci Testa
Jennifer Walker
Stefanie Welling

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