Active Listening

The Listen to Children volunteers are ready for another school year.  One of
the most important skills used by the volunteers is “active listening.”
This is accomplished by gathering information, reinforcing and retaining
information, analyzing feelings and emotions and listening “between the

Volunteers listen intently to what is being said (the words) and the manner
in which it is said (the tone of voice, the facial expression, etc.)  After
the child has stopped talking, listeners identify the feeling even though
the child has not used feeling words.

Then the listener chooses a feeling word or phrase that seems to accurately
describe what the child is feeling.  They may restate or paraphrase what the
child has said.

Listeners are trained to be able to think in another person’s place; to
actively hear what the other person is saying.  As a result, listeners build
supportive relationships with the students, foster self-esteem and encourage
the child’s own goals and aspirations.

The Listen to Children program is sponsored by the Jewish Family Service of
Metrowest, with generous funding from Livingston Municipal Alliance
Committee (LMAC), Livingston Parent Teacher Council, Livingston Board of
Education, United Way of North Essex and CIT Group, Inc.

If you would like more information for your child to participate in their school, or if you would be interested in volunteering to become a Listener please contact JFS Volunteer Coordinator at 973-765-9050 or email We are always looking for members of the community who care about the future of our children.

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