Did you know?

Did you know in Livingston….

* Approximately one of every three eighth grade students (36%) and nine of every ten twelfth grade students (87%) report use of alcohol at some time in their lives.

* Almost one of every ten eighth graders (11%) and one of two high school seniors (52%) have reported use of cigarettes.

* One of every two (47%) twelfth graders has tried marijuana.

* One of every five eleventh graders (22%) used alcohol at home with their parents’ knowledge.  One of three (36%) used alcohol at home without their parents’ knowledge.  One of two (54%) drink at night with friends and 55% of high school juniors use alcohol at parties.

* One of every four twelfth graders (27%) has passed out from drinking alcohol.

Source : 2001 Livingston Student Survey



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