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letterDear Syd,

I don’t have that many friends.  I don’t know why people don’t like me.  What should I do to keep friends?

– Friendless


Dear Friendless,

The best way to make and keep friends is to find others who share your interests.  This can be as simple as a shared interest in shopping, sports or music.  That old saying is also true– that the best way to have a friend is to be a friend.  Reach out to the others who share your interests, sit with them at lunch, invite them to join you in the activities you all like, listen to their thoughts and tell them yours.

– Syd


Scared Stiff


Dear Syd, I will be in High School next year and I am kind of scared!  Most of my closest friends drink a lot, smoke and pop pills.  I want to stay best friends with all of them without harming … read more