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The First Sting

by Jesica Porcelli

beesWhat do you think of when someone says nature? Some people might say walking on a clear-cut path smelling pretty roses, but I think differently. Nature is a harsh system of survival, and I definitely learned my lesson at Harriman State Park, New York. At Harriman, it was complete wilderness, high up on a mountain. If something happened to you up there, no one would realize anything unless you had a cell phone. Luckily, my Mom and Papi did. Marco, my brother was complaining that his feel and legs hurt.

“I’m tired! My legs hurt! When are we going to get back?” Marco complained. “Stop complaining!” my Mom moaned for the fifteenth time. “Hey, look at that cool rock!” I pointed out. A medium sized rock stood at the side of the path. I walked behind the rock, brushing past the nettles, dried leaves, and brambles.

A sharp needle pierced my leg. “Ouch!”, I cried in confusion. I looked down. Nothing but a huge,     swelling, fly was where I had felt the needle.  Suddenly the huge flies circled me. Unfortunately, the sun was getting lower in the sky, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I jumped away from the rock. I looked at my Mom. She was frozen in panic, staring at the cloud of flies…

“AHHHHHHH!” she screamed. “RUN! RUN!” I shrieked in horror, my mind reeling. What it a snake? No. A tiger? No. What was happening?! I ran in circles, crying and screaming. I remembered the huge flies, and then it clicked: Bees.

We ran and ran. I had gotten 3 or 4 stings so far, and Papi, who was at the back, had gotten 3 itchy stings. My shoe slipped off, but I didn’t care. I wanted to be home, where I could take a shower and wash off all my bad memories of bees. “I want to go home… help…” I moaned.

The trip home was a blur. I had learned my lesson. Nature isn’t just walking around and smelling pretty roses. Nature is harsh where species are protecting and attacking for their cause. For all the beauty in   nature, people have to understand that nature isn’t always as nice as it seems.


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