Cultural Diversity

Chinese Warrior

The Terra Cotta Army of Xi’an of China

by Melody Xiou

Chinese Warrior

In 1974, a clay army was discovered buried deep in the ground in China. Around 8000 clay men and horses were found  buried underground. The people who discovered the long buried statues were drilling through the ground to find the statues. The  statues were placed in battle formations, around their long time ago emperor, Qin Shi Huang Di. Every detail is perfect, like the fur on a real horse or a battle wound on a real war veteran.

Since 1974, three chambers of clay figures were discovered. However, though another chamber was found, it was completely empty. How could this be? Many people question if that chamber was discovered and robbed completely, with not even a scrape left behind. Historic sources say that Qin Shi Huang Di died suddenly.

It is possible that the terracotta army was never completed, but as the chambers were discovered, other items were also found, such as a scale replica of the universe, along with gem covered  ceilings to represent the cosmos, with flowing mercury to resemble the great bodies of water. Scientific work has discovered that there were high levels of mercury in the soil.

The Chinese certainly liked to leave their bodies behind with company.