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I Love me

The Things That Make Up Self- Esteem

I Love me


Laura looked into the mirror. She saw herself. “Well, if I’m just myself, then I’m useless.” Wrong, Laura! You are yourself, but you don’t know where your power is in you if you think like Laura.



If you are you

And I am I

Then where do we go

Where do we fly?

That’s self esteem,

You have to dream,

Let your mind wander,

Let yourself ponder,

Let yourself go,

Get a ride on the flow,

Because you always have safety,

Even if you come lately.



There may be some difficulties and fears in life, but there, in you, you have a strength that watches over you. You may need to dig deep, though. Strength is something you choose, and that’s why you have to make the difficult choices in life alone.

There is a song called I Learned From You, by Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus, and I think everyone in the world should live by the song because the song determines why people should believe in themselves, love themselves, have courage, and stand up for themselves. The song also says how, when you listen closely to something living, you can also become brave. Brave for your friends, relatives, yourself, your past, and most of all, your upcoming future.

By Melody Xiao


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