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Confidence is often a key factor in many teenage battles. The right amount of confidence goes a long way, and can make someone’s life secure and free of self-image and body issues. Even though it seems easy to obtain, confidence is a guarded emotion, that one has to fight through many wars with themselves to get to. To fully gain confidence, you have to place aside the insecurities and fears in your brain, and realize that life is only a paved pathway if you don’t place the stones in there yourself.

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Gossip (n) : rumor or talk of a personal, sensational or intimate nature Gossiping continues to be an epidemic among teenagers. Gossiping has the power to humiliate, ruin one’s reputation, and destroy relationships.  When gossiping, there are three people involved: … read more

ABC’s of Wellness

ABC Blocks

Being good to your body can be hard work!  After a long week, it is easier to sit on the couch and watch TV than to go for a walk.  It is also much easier to pull through the drive-thru … read more