class officer

The Difference

Inspired by Creed by Meg Kearney

 class officer



by Annie Rishty





I believe that I may find the cure for Cancer and that

you might live on the streets,

but only because you believed that you thought you would fail,

and then you did,

and if you thought you got it perfect, then odds are

you would have, but the only exception

is when you run for class officer and you are against

four popular kids, and then there is you,

smart, funny and talented in all areas,

well at least that’s what your mom tells you,

but not popular,

and there are only four spots to be filled,

which means that only one person will not get the job,

and when the election for officers comes,

you feel pride that you can really make a difference,

and the entire grade thinks that your speech is

the best one out of all

and that you will definitely get the job,

but the exception is when you lose,

that your dream is torn down into pieces

because kids nowadays think that the popular kids

deserve the job more than you

because they’re popular, and you’re not,

except I believe that if you follow your dreams of

doing something you love

and something that you are good at and want to succeed in

then all you need to do is to never give up,

keep moving, and

one day your dream will knock on your door, and

your life will change forever, like love at first sight,

but I don’t believe in it because it sounds unreal

like Utopia by Thomas More,

because I believe that every day of my life

I wonder if someone will ever respect me for who I am and

if that “one guy” will come to my rescue

the day that I bump into him coming out of Shoprite or CVS

knocking down all my things

and we’ll look at each other

like we have never even seen sliced bread, because

I believe that everyone wants that feeling,

and for most people

it is the feeling of your love organ pounding as loud

as the thud of a bass drum

but the fact is,

I wanted to be class officer.

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