Cyber-safety Top Ten: Keeping Your Cyber-World Safe

top 10 faves10). Follow Internet safety rules at home and school.

9). Practice good netiquette– be nice, honest and considerate of others.

8). Recognize and report possible cyber-bullying. Never participate in it.

7). Remember that a person you communicate with online may not be who he or she seems.  Stick to chatting with people you know.

6). Do not post (or give out) ANY identifying information online– that includes your name, address and passwords.

5). Do not post personal photos or send them to someone you don’t know.

4). NEVER agree to meet someone in person.

3). Beware of spam, pop-up ads and viruses– think before you click.

2). Never reply to any strange messages or open any unexpected or unknown attachments.

1). Tell, Tell, Tell!.  Get help from a trusted adult if you run into any trouble online– Especially if you are worried about your safety, or the safety of someone else.