Why have a boyfriend?

letterDear Syd,

My boyfriend is really sweet but doesn’t do anything.  We’ve been going out for several months but he is shy and I’m the one who asks him to dances, movies, or anything like that.  My best friend’s boyfriend does all of that plus gives her gifts for no reason.  Should I dump him?

– Why have a boyfriend?


Dear Why Have a Boyfriend,

All guys are different, some are more romantic, outgoing, and attentive than others.  Just because you are the more outgoing one in the relationship doesn’t mean you should give up.  Try encouraging him to talk more by asking him questions like “What’s your all-time favorite movie?” or “What were you for Halloween when you were little?” or What are your grandparents like?” or “Do you remember your dreams?”  If you give your boyfriend a present (anything from a CD to a candy bar) he may reciprocate.  But you know what?  The feelings you exchange count more than the gifts.

– Syd