Facebook Safety Tips

facebookEveryday, millions of kids are on Facebook. But are they safe? Anyone could see all their information which could put children in dangerous situations. Here are some tips to help you be safe and secure on FB.

1. Don’t put your actual picture as your profile picture, as all someone would have to do is type in your name to get your location, and what you look like.

2. Change the safety settings so only approved people can search you on Facebook

3. Make sure only your friends can view your profile, not the whole world.

4. Be cautious about posting and sharing personal information, especially information that could be used to identify you or locate you offline, such as your address or telephone number.

5. and NEVER share your password with anyone

*parents* for more safety tips on the internet you can visit these sites:









FaceBook: Terms of Use

Due to negative feedback regarding the “Terms of Use”, the social networking site Facebook returns to the old policy regarding user information.  The “Terms of Use” policy states what the owners can do with the information provided by the users.

The controversy started when users discovered information with photos, wall posts, and personal data can be available to the owners permanently, even after closing an account.  Recently, the company took out a sentence from the old policy which stated Facebook could not claim any rights to original content that a user uploaded once the user closed his or her account.

This statement was replaced with, “You may remove your user content from the site at any time … However you acknowledge that the company may retain archived copies of your user content.” This change led to thousands of members canceling their account.  Now, there are online petitions, such as “The People Against the New Terms of Service”, with 64,000 members and their acceptance to the petition.

As a reassurance, the spokesman for Facebook, Barry Schnitt said, ”I also want to be very clear that Facebook does not, nor have we ever, claimed ownership over people’s content. Your content belongs to you.”

The different views on this issue led to the temporary changing of the “Terms of Use” back to the old one.  To sum it all up, never post or upload anything that might inhibit your chance of succeeding later in life because it could be on Facebook forever.