Scared Stiff

letterDear Syd,

I will be in High School next year and I am kind of scared!  Most of my closest friends drink a lot, smoke and pop pills.  I want to stay best friends with all of them without harming my body.  My best friend has an older sister with a car and they have already invited me to go out and “party” with them.  I think drinking is okay and I want to drink at parties because I can’t say no to things.  How do I handle this?

– Scared Stiff


Dear Scared Stiff,

We’re concerning that you believe you “can’t say no to things” but are encouraged that you are “kind of scared” and concerned about harming your body.  “Partying” with someone’s older sister who is drinking and driving represents a huge risk of injury and death.  Never get into a car when the driver has been drinking!  Practice your refusal skills by role-playing with your friend who doesn’t plan to drink or with your parents or another trusted adult.  If these are truly your friends, they will respect your healthy and safe decisions not to “drink, smoke, or pop pills.”