Straight A’s

letterDear Syd,

I am in all honors classes, music, sports and so on.  I usually get straight A’s and I’ve noticed that my friends treat me like some kind of freak.  How can I get them to stop without quitting everything?


Dear Straight A’s,

It is great that you are doing so well.  Don’t try to change that.  But you’re right; it does make you slightly different from other students.  Your friends, though, don’t really want you to be just like them.  What most    people look for in a friend are these things; respect, consideration, loyalty, tolerance, support, sincerity, someone who listens and understands, honesty, sharing and generosity.  What your friends are saying when they tease you, in essence, is that they don’t feel very competent in the areas that you are.  So you might try asking if they are having trouble in a particular subject (listening and understanding), if they need help (sharing, generosity and  support), and otherwise praising them for the things they do well (respect and consideration).

– Syd