What is Bullying?

by Melody Xiou

bullyingThe big bully in your class starts punching your best friend. Now the bully is turning on you. Would you help your friend, or run before you become the    target? You would be surprised to find out that more people chose to run instead of help their friend. But think about it; if you left your best friend with the bully, and you knew him since pre-school, AND he always makes you feel better, you wouldn’t want to lose him, right? Middle school is the main bullying source, and the   bullying world is like a chess game where you are the king and you are the only piece left while the other side has all the pieces.

Scientists researched and found that in middle school, ages 11-15, are capable of thinking that they or a small circle of friends are better than other people. Those people never talk or try to be one of those people who try to struggle hard to have a good career, and those people who are vain often get kicked out of high school. No one deserves to be bullied.

12 year old Gianna woke up to a dreary wind. Forcing herself to get up, she dragged herself to school and started her day, which happened to be the one where she starts punishing herself for being herself. “It’s tiring to hear other girls giggling at you behind their hands.” Gianna said once to her mother. Mrs. Thomson didn’t understand why other kids laughed at Gianna. She got straight A’s and once participated in a beauty pageant. Gianna, now a successful woman, states that her “middle school enemies have jobs like janitors and postmistresses.

A similar situation can happen everyday. Many kids have begged their parents to send them to a private school, and some kids have even commit suicide. You can stop bullying by calmly asking the bully to stop. Stand up to the bully. Many bullies will stop once they realize that you are stronger inside than they think. Now, when that same group of girls come to bother you again, what to do now?