Hopeless & Confused

letterDear Syd,

My best friend just broke up with another one of my friends and the atmosphere is really bad. He now wants to go out with me, and although I did fancy him a bit, is it worth going into a relationship with him, even though we are such good friends? And would it be a good idea, given that he has broken up with another one of my friends.

– Hopeless & Confused


Dear Hopelessly Confused,

First of all, I would suggest you step back and think about what you want to do. If he broke up with one of your friends and failed to keep the atmosphere clean, you may want to consider if he is good boyfriend material or not. It might be wise to back off for a while and let things cool down between your friends before making your decision. In a few months you can see how you feel about each other, whether to begin a relationship or stay as friends. Ultimately it’s your choice as to whether you go out with him or not.

– Syd