Dear Out in the Cold


Dear Syd,

For some reason I am not happy at school. I was bullied last year by a group of girls who used to be my friends and now most of them have left. I still have the feeling that I’m being left out of things, and that they don’t really like me. What can I do? I don’t want to  confront them and I’ve told my mom, but it hasn’t helped.

– Out in the Cold


Dear Out in the Cold,

Bullying is a national problem and one that many different groups are working on, including schools and community organizations. So you are not alone!

Here’s what you do: First you must tell someone. You did the right thing in telling your mom. Now tell a new friend, a teacher, or someone trusted at school. This will help them be on the lookout and hopefully, catch the bullies in the act.

Second, keep in safe, well-lit areas. If you take the bus, sit near the bus driver, for example and try to walk with a friend or another student to and from home and classes.

Third, join a school club or participate in other school social activities so that you can meet other students and have a better chance to make new friends.

Fourth, if you are having trouble coping, talk to you school guidance counselor or another mental health specialist (like a psychologist or social worker). Your doctor should be able to help you with a referral.

Finally, you can find more ideas and  support on the following website:


– Syd