Detective Bureau

The Detective Division consists of two Detective Sergeants and three Detectives and is run by a Detective Lieutenant. The bureau follows up on all crimes reported to our department. Within our bureau, individual detectives have been trained to investigate specific types of crimes.

Presently, we have detectives assigned to the areas of narcotics, fraud, identity theft, arson, processing and photographing of all crime scenes, high priority arrest warrants, obtaining sworn statements as basis for criminal complaints, Megan’s law processing, domestic violence, evidence and property management, weapons confiscations, robberies and sex crimes. Also under the umbrella of the Detective Division are two additional detectives under the supervision of a Detective Sergeant that follow up on crimes committed by juveniles and family offense issues.

Our Detectives work closely with other local police departments and federal and state agencies. Members of the bureau also coordinate the departments’ cases with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, Division of Youth and Family Services and the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office.

To speak with a detective, please call (973) 992-3000 extension #3500.

To speak with a Juvenile Detective, please call (973) 992-3000 extension #3510.

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