Recycling Resources Websites

 These Websites Offer Helpful information on Reducing, Reusing & Recycling 

Earth911  offers useful information about the environment including topics such as reuse, recycling, hazardous waste disposal, composting, and state & local programs.

Essex County Utilities Authority  contains information on recycling specifically for Essex County residents. Contact at:
Essex County Utilities Authority
The Leroy F. Smith Jr. Public Safety Building
60 Nelson Place, 6th Floor, Newark, NJ07102
Tel. 973-792-9060 Fax. 973-792-9066

Freecycle  is an easy way to exchange still-useful items that are no longer wanted or needed with others who can use them.  You can either put your items on the list for others, or find items that you need.  Membership is free, the service is free, and the site is secure.

National Recycling Coalition   is the largest national nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of recycling, waste prevention, composting and reuse. The site offers information and news on a local, national and global basis.

NJ State Department of Environmental Protection  keeps up with the latest in recycling news and information.  There are links here to find out more about recycling programs & seminars, contests, and everything else on recycling in New Jersey, including electronics recycling.  There are also lists of recyclable materials, Recycling Coordinators and programs by County, economic benefits, educational resources, and electronic waste recycling.

Recycle City  is a part of the US Environmental Protection Agency site that gives younger children the opportunity to learn more about recycling through online games and activities.

Teacher Resources:  Learning Express  provides an introduction to the problem of global waste management & sustainable living, and offers some possible solutions.  You’ll find links to various online tools  & games for teaching and assessing student understanding. Online tools help you customize information to relate to students appropriately, based on grade level.

US Environmental Protection Agency  offers additional links to national information on reusing, reducing and recycling.

Yellow Pages Goes Green  lets you register to “opt out” of receiving bulky telephone books.

— And don’t forget to recycle your electronics!