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The Shining Star Sports League is a wonderful developmental opportunity for your special needs child.   The league is designed to fit the child’s individual needs.  A “shadow” is provided to assist the child in clinic style instruction.  Basic fundamentals and rules of each sport are taught.  Modified indoor and outdoor playing areas are utilized.  Structured and repetitive lessons are implemented weekly.  League activities focus on gross motor skills, fundamentals of each sport and socialization.  Children will enjoy both clinic style instruction and games in each season.   The league uses modified equipment, game play and rules to enhance the learning and play experience.

The Sports League is divided by age, with different sports offered each season.  Sports included Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, and T-ball.

Junior League – Ages 5-9

Teen League – Ages 10-16

Young Adult League – Ages 17+

An I.E.P. or 504 Plan is required for sports league and programs. *This program is available to non-residents.*

For more information, please contact Jennifer Quirk, the Adaptive Recreation Coordinator at or call 973-535-7925 x 403.


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