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Recreation classes are offered after school during the week from September to June.  Family socials vary when they are offered.

Music and Movement:  Sing, play instruments and dance while socializing with friends.  Focus is on following directions, listening to the beat and moving around to folk music.

Board Games and Socialization:  Play a variety of classic board games while learning to take-turns, frustration tolerance and interact with peers.

Arts-Open Studio: Our artists will use their skills in creating different projects that they can take home and share with friends and family. Exploring their creativity through multiple disciplines and media they can express themselves through art and design.

Nature Walk and Art Class:  Explore nature on the Orchard Hill Trail, learn outdoor safety and gather items to make an art project. *Parent participation required*

Backyard Games:  Play a variety of backyard/BBQ/Picnic type games such as Bean Bag Toss, Horseshoes, Frisbee,  Badminton, and Yard Darts.

Gym Games:  Play a variety of gym games such as Kickball, Dodge-ball,  Steel the Bacon, Scooter races, Freeze Tag, etc.

Martial Arts – contact us for recommendations.

Family socials: Offered throughout the school calendar year, September-June.  Activities include:

  • Family Swim at the West Essex YMCA
  • Motorcycle Event with Horseneck Motorcycle Riding Club
  • Holiday Party
  • Open Gym and Pizza Party Night
  • Bowling and Pizza Event
  • Destination Jump Party
  • Shoe Tying Clinic
  • More events with P.O.A.C.

An I.E.P. or 504 plan is required for sports league and programs. For more information, please contact Jennifer Quirk the Adaptive Recreation Coordinator at or call 973-535-7925 x 403  *Open to non-residents*

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