The Shuttle will be operating on MLK Day Monday Jan 15, 2018 on a modified schedule click here to see schedule


Pick up at Mall                                 Arrive SO                     MTD Train to NYP

6:32am                                                 6:47am                                      6:57am

7:05am                                                 7:20am                                      7:32am

7:35am                                                 7:50am                                      7:57am            LAST PICK UP IN THE MORNING


Depart NYP                                    Train Arrive SO          Shuttle departs SO

3:11pm                                                  3:48pm                                      3:55pm

4:11pm                                                  4:48pm                                     4:55pm

5:11pm                                                  5:48pm                                     5:55pm

6:11pm                                                  6:48pm                                     6:55pm         LAST PICK UP IN THE EVENING


  • The Livingston Express Shuttle

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