Storm Safety

By Admin2

Winter Storm - large

As the snow continues and power outages may occur, please remember basic cold-weather health and safety measures.

Roads:  Stay off of roads and keep vehicles out of streets. Roads must be clear of all vehicles in order for plows to be able to do their jobs.

Downed Trees: Stay away from downed trees and report them to the Livingston Police Department.

Downed Wires: Assume all downed wires are live and stay away. Call your electric utility to report downed trees or power outages.

Find information to report outages to JCP&L and PSE&G here. You can also view the outage maps through the link.

Pets:  If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet. If they need to go outside, make it quick!

Salt or snow melt can burn paws — try to keep pets away from snow-melting chemicals, and check paws when they come back inside.

Senior Citizens or Neighbors:  Check on seniors, neighbors or family members who may need assistance.

Generator Safety:  The possibility for power outages continues. If you are using a gas-powered generator, be sure to follow all safety procedures, including keeping the generator outside of the house, away from any windows or doors.

Shoveling & Snow Removal: When shoveling, blowing, or otherwise removing snow, DO NOT put snow into the street or onto someone else’s property.

Shovel sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling.

Shovel out around any fire hydrants on or near your property.