Youth Instruction

Please view our 2017 Spring & Summer Program Guide for current class listings.

Register online at Community Pass Online Registration or in person at Senior, Youth & Leisure Services, 204 Hillside Avenue, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Dynamic Designs: Grades 3-5: This art program is designed to teach drawing, painting, designing and numerous creative art techniques! Children will utilize an assortment of materials to create works of art in this enjoyable class. Various projects will be introduced each session according to the season. Limit 12

Sticky Fingers: Grades K-2 This program is an opportunity for your child to do all the messy things children love to do but parents dread having them do at home. Activities will be varied and some may involve more than one class to complete. Limit 1512

Grounding Yoga: Ages 8-13 years old. Explore poses which help you relax and decompress. You will stretch, strengthen and tone muscles. Enjoy breathing exercises and meditations. Classes will be design to help improve focus and concentration as well as provide you with a deeper sense of relaxation. Bring a yoga mat to class and come dressed in comfortable clothes. Limit 10 per class

Advanced Yoga: Ages 8-13 years. For children who have taken yoga for 2 or more years. Advanced practices: they are able and interested in arm balances and back bends. First class will be a “pre-view class” to determine eligibility. *Please bring a yoga mat.

Livin’ On The Edge Skate Academy Skateboard Instruction Programs
Ages: 7-14 years
Looking for Skate Board Instructor. If interested, please call 973-535-7925.

Beginner & Advanced beginner Lessons

On the first day, students will be split into smaller groups by ability level. Beginners will learn basic maneuvering and board control skills. Our instructors will help new students become comfortable skating on the obstacles in the park.  For skaters who are able to get around the park without assistance, our instructors will help improve basic techniques and teach common skateboarding tricks.

Rain dates will be added to end of schedule if needed.

Crunch N Munch:  Grade(s): 1-4: Explore the world of creative cooking through mindful and innovative recipes custom tailored to cater to even the pickiest eaters! Children will learn to slice, dice, mash, measure and pour as they mix up their very own healthy meals from start to finish. Original recipe books will be created and distributed at the end of each session. All delicious and nutritious ingredients are provided by Whole Foods. Guaranteed to be finger-licking fun! *Crunch & Munch is allergy aware, please inquire for specific details.

Flour Power: Grade(s): 5-8. These exciting, hands-on culinary classes are a great way to engage students in healthy, fun food from scratch, all while building kitchen confidence at a more complex, exacting level of performance; where their motor and thinking skills are challenged. Each week highlights key skills that will be practiced and reinforced throughout the curriculum. Let the culinary extravaganza begin! Flour Power is allergy aware, please inquire for specific details.

Ooey Gooey Science: Grade(s): 1-4: Captivate and stimulate young minds with exciting hands-on exploration of simple scientific concepts through play, crafts and demonstrations. From chemistry, to magnets, to rainbows children will discover how science can help us to better understand the world around us.

Super Duper Sculpture Grade(s) 2-5: Unleash your child’s creativity in 3-D! Children will explore various forms of building and sculpting using clay, wood, paper maché and more. Emphasis on creative problem-solving and experimentation is encouraged. This exciting class explores various materials and techniques, and will turn your child’s original ideas into masterpieces

More classes like Jr. Lego Engineering, Video Game Animation and more are available seasonally.

Please see our latest brochure for full details! 2017 Spring & Summer Program Guide