2013 Bid Results -

2013 Bid Results

Bid 001-2013 2-Inch Mill and Pave of Hillside Avenue and the Reconstruction of Kredel Avenue

Bid 002-2013 Reconstruction of West McClellan Avenue

003-2013- Chetwynd Water Tank Rehabilitation

BID-004-2013-Pool Concession

005-2013-Water Treatment Chemicals

006-2013- Fire Hydrant Parts

RFP-007-2013-Court Collections

008-2013- Memorial Park Master Plan

009-2013-Lap Pool Repair

010-2013- Printing Services

011-2013-Well 3 and 5

012-2013-Northland lease

Bid 013-2013 ADA Improvements to Public Parks

014-2013-Northland Pool Fence

015-2013R Collision

Bid 016-2013 2013 Road Reconstruction Program – 4-Inch Mill and Pave of Various Streets

017-2013-Lift Replacement

018-2013- town-wide reconstruction of granite block curbing open ended contract

019-2013- Interconnection

RFP-020-2013-Environmental Counsel

021-2013 Tank Two Rehabilitation

022-2013 Digester Cleaning

023-2013 Lab Testing

RFP-024-2013-LMAC Coordinator

Bid 025-2013 Milling and Paving of Mayhew Drive, Etc.

Bid 026-2013 S Livingston Ave Sidewalk Improvements

027-2013 Treatment Upgrades

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