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Updated Zoning Map Zoning Review Officer Counter Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon             Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM Reminder: In 2016, several Zoning fees were updated. The new fees are as follows: Residential Zoning (Accessory Structures*)             $75 Residential Zoning (All Other)       […]


Houses of Worship Livingston Clergy Association  President: Rev. Daniel L. Martian, Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Livingston Secretary/Treasurer: Rev. Dr. Richard Vossler, Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church

Website Disclaimer

The Township of Livingston makes great effort to provide secure, accurate and complete information on this Website. However, portions of the information contained in the site may be incorrect or not current. Any errors or omissions should be reported for investigation. The Township of Livingston, its officers, employers or agent shall not be liable for […]


2017 Water Quality Report    Hydrant Flushing, Spring 2017: By Date or By Street Water Conservation   ~   Registration Form for WaterSense Smart Controller  ~ How to Register Your WaterSense Smart Controller: 3 Easy Steps  ~  When Can I Water My Lawn? The Township of Livingston is committed to providing our consumers with high-quality drinking water and information about the […]


Elections The Town Clerk’s office provides forms for Voter Registration, Vote by Mail Applications, and Change of Party Affiliation. Click below for forms & instructiona: Voter Registration – Application Form Voter Registration – Instructions Vote by Mail – Application Vote by Mail  – Instructions Political Party Affiliation Form   Complete, print and mail form to: Commissioner of […]

Tree Removal Requirements

As required by Ordinance 33-2011, A TREE REMOVAL PERMIT is required for the removal of any tree(s) meeting the following criteria: Deciduous Trees:  A tree having a caliper (diameter) in excess of four (4) inches or a height in excess of ten (10) feet. Coniferous Trees:  A tree in excess of eight (8) feet in height. A Tree […]

Tax Collector

Tax Collector Vinesa Putri, CTC                                                                                      Pay Online Phone (958) 578-4567 Ext. 5121, 5122, […]

Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor Vanesa Santi, CTA Phone (958) 254-0478 ext. 5115 Fax (958) 687-2466 Email: Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm PROPERTY TAX RATES: 2015 Tax Rate: $2.463 per $100 of assessed value 2014 Tax Rate: $2.383 2013 Tax Rate: $2.293 2012 Tax Rate: $2.204 2011 Tax Rate: $2.139 2010 Tax Rate: $2.059 2009 […]

Sewer Utility

Is your road scheduled for repaving this  year? Stay up to date on Road Projects by c FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease): Are you setting up your home for a sewer disaster? Sewer Dos & Don’ts  Find out what you can flush or put down the drain & what belongs in the trash can! ________ Be […]

2015 Resolutions

R-15-1_Consent_Agenda_010115 R-15-2_Appntng_Mun__Court_Judge R-15-3_Appntng_Twnshp_ R-15-4_Appnt_Mun__Public_Defender R-15-5_Appnt_Mun__Prosecutor_Defenders R-15-6_Appnts_Planning_Brd R-15-7_Appnmts_Zoning_Brd_Adjstmnt R-15-8_Appnt_Open_Space_Trust_Cmte R-15-9_Lv_Cmmnty_Prtnrshp_Man_Crp_BID R-15-10_Appnmmts_Twnshp_Appearance_Cmt R-15-11_Appnmts_Arts_Council R-15-12_Appntmts_Cit__Bdt_Advsry_Cmt R-15-13_Appntmnt_Consumer_Affairs_Cmt R-15-14_Appmt_Ad_Hoc_Deer_Mgmnt R-15-15_Appmnt_Advsry_Cmt_Disabilities_o R-15-16_Appmnt_Cmt_Diversity R-15-17_Appmnt_Dog_Prk_Cmte R-15-18_Appmnt_Emergency_Planning_Brd R-15-19_Appmnt_Fourth_July_Clbrtn_Cmt R-15-20_Appmnt_Golf_Tournament_Cmt R-15-21_Appmnt_Green_Team R-15-22_Appmnt_Advsry_Health_Cmte R-15-23_Appmnt_Advsry_Cmte_Holiday_Decor R-15-24_Appnt_Technology_Cmtee R-15-25_Appmnt_Littells_Pond_Skating_Cmt R-15-26_Appmnt_LMAC R-15-27_Appmnt_Liv_Pub_Broadcasting R-15-28_Appmnt_Public_Broadcasting R-15-29_Appnt_Parade_Day_Cmte R-15-30_Appmnt_Prospect_Park_Cmte R-15-31_Appmmt_Orchard_Hill_Dev_Cmte R-15-32_Appts_Recycling_Reclamation R-15-33_Appt_Advsry__Cmte_Senior_Citizen R-15-34_Appt_Advsry_Cmte_SYLS R-15-35_Appmnt_Ad_Hoc_Skate_Prk_ R-15-36_Appmnt_Trails_Greenways_Cmte R-15-37_Appts_Advsry_Cmte_Transportation R-15-38_Appt_Vision_2020_Cmte R-15-39_Appt_Camuso_Clctn_Preservation_C R-15-40_Apptmnts_Community_Outreach_Cmt R-15-41_Appmnt_Animal_Shelter_Cmt R-15-42_Designating_Official_Newspaper R-15-43 Auth. 2015 Temp. Budget Appropriations R-15-44_Cash_Mgmnt_Plan R-15-45_Auth_Interest_Chrgd_Delinquent_T R-15-46_Estblshng_Interest_Penalties R-15-47_2015_Calander_Council_Meetings R-15-48_Auth_Purch_Union_Cty_Coop R-15-49_Auth_Purch_Somerset_Cnty_Coop R-15-50_Auth_Purch_Essex_Cnty_Coop […]

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