2015 Bid Results -

2015 Bid Results

RFP 031-2015-Community Marketing and Branding

RFP 030-2015 Ross Road Culvert

029-2015 On-Call Inspection Services

Bid 028-2015 On-Call Sanitary Sewer Repairs

027-2015-HVAC Maintenace and Repairs

Bid 026-2015 Two Inch Mill and Pave of E McClellan Avenue Section 5 and 6

025-2015- Trees

024-2015- Laboratory Testing

Bid- 023-2015-Circle Fire House Lease

Bid 022-2015- Leak Detection

021-2015- Granite block curbing

RFP-020-2015-Environmental Counsel

Bid 019-2015 Two Inch Mill and Pave

Bid 018-2015- Water Main Improvements Bids 1 & 3

Bid 017-2015- Finance System

016-2015- Fire Hydrant Parts

Bid 015-2015- NHBS SCADA

Bid 014-2015- Solid Waste Collection

BID-013R-2015-DPW Service Vehicle

RFP-012R-2015-Zoning Board Attorney

Bid- 011-2015-Fawn Drive Wireless Communication

Bid 010-2015 Barrier Free Improvements

008-2015-Water Treatment Chemicals

Bid- 007-2015-WPCF Lease

Bid 007R-2015- WPCF Wireless

Bid 006-2015 Four Inch Mill and Pave

Bid 005-2015 Sanitary Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation 

Bid- 004-2015-Channel Monster

Bid- 003-2015-Microscreen Parts

Bid 002-2015-Heat Exchanger

001-2015 Tank # 1 Rehab

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