Garbage Collection Street List: Garbage Days & Recycling Zones 

Livingston’s garbage collection is performed by
Waste Industries, LLC.

See * below for information on Missed Pickups.

Put your garbage out
any time after 12:00 noon on the day before your scheduled pick-up.

If you have any problems or questions, please call

Waste Industries, LLC, directly at 908-436-1966. 

There is no garbage pickup on these six holidays:  

New Year’s Day,   Memorial Day,   July 4,   Labor Day,   Thanksgiving  &  Christmas.

* MISSED PICKUPS: If a holiday or inclement weather prevents Waste Industries, LLC, from collecting your garbage,
the garbage will instead be picked up on your
next regularly scheduled garbage collection day.
There is no “make up” day for garbage collection.


Livingston Offers Curbside Residential Garbage Collection
with Options for Back Door Garbage Service. 

Our curbside collection contract is with Waste Industries, LLC, to collect, remove and dispose of solid waste.  This contract includes two options for Back Door Garbage Service:

  • 1 can picked up 2x per week: $240 annually
  • 2-3 cans picked up 2x per week: $300 annually

Please remember that the optional Back Door Garbage Service is a separate & distinct contract between the individual resident and Waste Industries, LLC.

For more information or to sign up for optional Back Door Garbage Service, click or call Waste Industries, LLC at 908-436-1966.

Put your garbage at the curb:  Any time after 12:00 noon on the day before your scheduled pickup.

HEAVY Trash, or Bulk item, pick-up is always done on the resident’s last regular garbage pick-up day of the month by Waste Industries, LLC.
This includes items such as: couches, furniture, non-metal shelving, tables, mattresses, box springs, carpets, toys, rimless automobile tires, etc.


Metal Collection 

*Missed Pickups:  If your garbage is not picked up on your regularly scheduled day,
whether due to weather, holiday, or other reasons, it will instead be picked up
on your next regularly scheduled trash collection day.
There is no “make up” day for garbage collection.


Recycling:   Visit our Recycling page for schedules, information, and resources. Please note:  although there is no make-up day for garbage pickup, when a holiday falls on your recycling day or earlier in the same week, the recycling collection will take place on the day after your regular recycling day. Refer to the Town Planner Calendar or the above link,  Street List: Garbage Days & Recycling Zones, for your scheduled pick-up dates.

Problems:  If you experience a problem, please call Waste Industries, LLC, directly at 908-436-1966 or 973-761-0009. Or, you may call Town Hall at 973-992-5000 ext: #5400 or #5303 for assistance.


Other Items: See How Do I Dispose Of … ?