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The Township of Livingston makes great effort to provide secure, accurate and complete information on this Website. However, portions of the information contained in the site may be incorrect or not current. Any errors or omissions should be reported for investigation. The Township of Livingston, its officers, employers or agent shall not be liable for […]


Elections The Town Clerk’s office provides forms for Voter Registration, Vote by Mail Applications, and Change of Party Affiliation. Click below for forms & instructiona: Voter Registration – Application Form Voter Registration – Instructions Vote by Mail – Application Vote by Mail  – Instructions Political Party Affiliation Form   Complete, print and mail form to: Commissioner of […]

2015 Resolutions

R-15-1_Consent_Agenda_010115 R-15-2_Appntng_Mun__Court_Judge R-15-3_Appntng_Twnshp_ R-15-4_Appnt_Mun__Public_Defender R-15-5_Appnt_Mun__Prosecutor_Defenders R-15-6_Appnts_Planning_Brd R-15-7_Appnmts_Zoning_Brd_Adjstmnt R-15-8_Appnt_Open_Space_Trust_Cmte R-15-9_Lv_Cmmnty_Prtnrshp_Man_Crp_BID R-15-10_Appnmmts_Twnshp_Appearance_Cmt R-15-11_Appnmts_Arts_Council R-15-12_Appntmts_Cit__Bdt_Advsry_Cmt R-15-13_Appntmnt_Consumer_Affairs_Cmt R-15-14_Appmt_Ad_Hoc_Deer_Mgmnt R-15-15_Appmnt_Advsry_Cmt_Disabilities_o R-15-16_Appmnt_Cmt_Diversity R-15-17_Appmnt_Dog_Prk_Cmte R-15-18_Appmnt_Emergency_Planning_Brd R-15-19_Appmnt_Fourth_July_Clbrtn_Cmt R-15-20_Appmnt_Golf_Tournament_Cmt R-15-21_Appmnt_Green_Team R-15-22_Appmnt_Advsry_Health_Cmte R-15-23_Appmnt_Advsry_Cmte_Holiday_Decor R-15-24_Appnt_Technology_Cmtee R-15-25_Appmnt_Littells_Pond_Skating_Cmt R-15-26_Appmnt_LMAC R-15-27_Appmnt_Liv_Pub_Broadcasting R-15-28_Appmnt_Public_Broadcasting R-15-29_Appnt_Parade_Day_Cmte R-15-30_Appmnt_Prospect_Park_Cmte R-15-31_Appmmt_Orchard_Hill_Dev_Cmte R-15-32_Appts_Recycling_Reclamation R-15-33_Appt_Advsry__Cmte_Senior_Citizen R-15-34_Appt_Advsry_Cmte_SYLS R-15-35_Appmnt_Ad_Hoc_Skate_Prk_ R-15-36_Appmnt_Trails_Greenways_Cmte R-15-37_Appts_Advsry_Cmte_Transportation R-15-38_Appt_Vision_2020_Cmte R-15-39_Appt_Camuso_Clctn_Preservation_C R-15-40_Apptmnts_Community_Outreach_Cmt R-15-41_Appmnt_Animal_Shelter_Cmt R-15-42_Designating_Official_Newspaper R-15-43 Auth. 2015 Temp. Budget Appropriations R-15-44_Cash_Mgmnt_Plan R-15-45_Auth_Interest_Chrgd_Delinquent_T R-15-46_Estblshng_Interest_Penalties R-15-47_2015_Calander_Council_Meetings R-15-48_Auth_Purch_Union_Cty_Coop R-15-49_Auth_Purch_Somerset_Cnty_Coop R-15-50_Auth_Purch_Essex_Cnty_Coop […]

2015 Ordinances

INDEX–2015 ORDINANCES Ord__No__1-_2015_Amndng_Chtr_170_Minor_S Ord__2-2015_Amd__Chtr_170_Gen__Business_ Ord__3-2015_Amd_Ctr_170_Shpng_Cntr_Dist Ord__4-2015_Refunding_Bond_Ordinance Ord__5-2015_Amnd_Chtr_170_Split_Zoned_ls Ord__6-2015_Bond_Ord_Appropriation Ord__7-2015_Bond_Ord_Approp_$3575000 Ord__8-2015_Bond_Ord_Approp__$1900000 Ord   9-2015 CAP Ordinance 2015 (3) Ord__10-2015_Amd_ Salary_Ord_17-2013 Ord   11-2015 STOP SIGN Scotland Dr 2015 Ord   12-2015 Health Dept Fees Proposed 2015 (1) Ord_13-2015_Alcoholic_Bev__Public_Places Ord_14-2015_Amndg_Chtr_170_Rezoning Ord_15-2015_Amnd_Chtr_170_R-5G_Res__Dis Ord_16-2015_Split_Zone_lots Ord__17-2015_Amnd_ABC_Rec_Area Ord__18-2015_Amndg_Cht_274_Strt_Sdwlk_Rp Ord__19-2015_Amnd_Salary_Police_EmplyeOrd. 19-2015 attachment Ord__20-2015_Amndng_Chtr_170_Signs Ord__21-2015_Crt Neighborhood_Bus_Dst_ Ord. 22-2015 Assisted Living

Master Plan

Township of Livingston Master Plan (adopted December 2007) TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I – Introduction SECTION II  – Statement Of Goals, Objectives, Principles, Assumptions, Policies and Standards SECTION III – Land Use Element Plan SECTION IV – Housing Plan and Fair Share Element SECTION V –  Circulation Plan Element SECTION VI – Utilities Plan Element SECTION VII – Community Facilities Plan […]


PLEASE NOTE: BIRTH / DEATH / MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES and Dog & Dog Park Licenses are handled through the HEALTH DEPARTMENT at 204 Hillside Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039 Licenses for Raffles     –    License Record Check Form  Any nonprofit organization may apply for a raffle license for any event that is being held in the Township of Livingston. The […]

Land Use Code

LAND USE CODE CODE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF LIVINGSTON, NJ eCode360 Terms of Use QUICK VIEW (for new users) Great for occasional use and quick answers. Lightweight, runs on any browser, and doesn’t need a high-speed internet connection. To cut and paste portions of the code into a document use Quick View. ADVANCE VIEW (for […]

Garage Sales

Glenn R. Turtletaub, Township Clerk Carolyn Oertzen, Assistant 369 So. Livingston Avenue Livingston, NJ 0894-6987 Phone:  958-794-5219 Email: No Garage Sale permit or fee is required.  However, you must register your Garage Sale with the Township Clerk’s Office. Garage Sale Registration form are available at Township Hall or online. See:  Garage Sales Ordinance.

Council-Manager Government

Did you know that the most widely used and desirable form of government in the United States is the Council-Manager?  Well, it’s true! This type of governance allows for professional local management, and Livingston has a 53-year legacy of which it can be proud. In 1957, voters here adopted the Council-Manager form of government, which […]

Township Council Members 2017

Livingston’s 2017 Township Council Members are, from left:  Mayor Shawn R. Klein, Alfred M. Anthony, Deputy Mayor Edward Meinhardt,  Michael M. Silverman, and Rufino “Rudy” Fernandez. Mayor Shawn Mario Office: 958-569-850 Cell: 958-996-225 Council Member Hartono Yanto Home: 958-169-919 Cell: 958-025-741 Council Member Anthony Chang Home: 958-194-419 Cell: 958-819-199 Deputy Mayor Edwin Lake Home: 958-017-7798 […]

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